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Chicken Broth with Vegetables. 4 chicken legs (see details) 1/2… | by Ayrenna Sky | Sep, 2021

Ayrenna Sky

4 chicken legs (see details)
1/2 scallion
1 turnip
1 carrot
1 leaf of cabbage
1 onion
1/2 cup peas
salt & pepper
1 tbsp olive oil

Put 4 cups of water in a large pot with salt and let it boil. Add the chicken legs (I highly recommend you also buy livers, hearts, even feet, and add. They’re very nutritious!), the half scallion, the turnip in cubes, the sliced carrot, the chopped onion and the cabbage, ripped in pieces with your hands. For seasoning — pepper, rosemary and olive oil.

Let it boil until the chicken feels soft, skim the broth from time to time. Then take the legs out, cut in pieces, remove the bones and add to the pot again, with the peas. Let it cook for more 15 minutes, now in low heat.

The broth in the picture was made with hen, and it’s insides. But hen meat is not as soft as your regular chicken, and you may not like it.

3 Servings | Total Carbs: 27g | Carbs per serving: 9g

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