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CHILD ABUSE, THE LAW LIMITS.. Child abuse is any act or failure to… | by Jane Augustine | Nov, 2021


Child abuse is any act or failure to act on the part of an adult, parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm and sexual abuse or exploitation In children. In Nigeria, abuse against children is rampant although it is largely under-reported.


• Physical Abuse : Child physical abuse refers to the physical force against a child that results in harm to the child. It includes subjecting the child to degrading and inhuman conditions, severe beatings under the guise of correction or anger. This mostly results to temporary or permanent damage to organs, bones, and brain tissues, which is fatal. Physical abuse include child labour and kidnapping.

• Sexual Abuse : Sexual abuse is defined as any act that forces or entices a child or young person to involve in any sexual activities. This includes child marriage, molestation and much more.

• Emotional or Psychological Abuse : This is the persistent emotional maltreatment of a child that causes severe and adverse effects on the child’s emotional development. Humiliating, shaming, taunting or rejection often leads to depression, lack of concentration in school and lowered self-esteem In a child.

• Child Neglect : This is defined as, failure to provide basic needed care for the child such as shelter, food, clothing, education, supervision, medical care, and other basic necessities needed for the child’s physical, intellectual, and emotional development.


• Poor Enforcement Mechanisms of Laws and Policies : Lack of implementation of laws guiding children, leads to a wide gap between intentions and results, which makes a mockery of the enacted laws and policies.

• Lack of Awareness : Many people and children are not aware that some cultural practices serve as an infringement on the rights of children, and are considered abuse.

• Poverty : Poverty causes educational disadvantages which causes children to be out of school and into the streets, with the aim of earning a living. This exposes children, enabling them to engage in social vices or experience various abuse form.

• Non-adoption of the Child Rights Act of 2003 : when laws of Child protections isn’t adopted, the protection of children against Abuse can not be fully assured.

• Corruption : Corruption Causes people to perform acts like kidnapping and trafficking children, in order to survive. It also makes sure government released funds to tackle such issues aren’t distributed but pocketed.


• Public Awareness : Public enlightenment programs should be implemented, to help correct the misconceptions related to child abuse in Nigeria.

• Alleviation of Poverty : The Federal Government should make efforts to facilitate poverty reduction in urban and rural areas, to enhance people’s livelihood and income.

• Child Rights Act, 2003 : child rights acts should be introduced, implemented and respected.

• The Role of Parents : It is of utmost importance for parents to find time to be with their children in order to provide direction, attention and supervision.

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