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Climate Monster Still Uncontrolled | by Khawar Saeed | Nov, 2021

Climate Monster Still Uncontrolled

21st century is facing many existential challenges which include: threats of inter-state wars turning nuclear within no time, intense power competition going on between the declining and rising super power ( i.e the US and China, respectively), cyber warfare , pandemics , terrorism and climate change. Of all these threats, climate change is perhaps the worst for almost two reasons. First, the level of cooperation and the the number of stakeholders among whom the cooperation is required is very large. Second, human agency is fast loosing its ability to successfully reign in the climate monster. As far as the cooperation is concerned , there are many stakeholders who need to come onto one page and start working actively towards one goal of cutting carbon emissions. They include states, multinational corporations ( MNCs) , intergovernmental and non governmental organisations ( IGOs and NGOs) and civil society. The capitalist and corporate elite represented by MNCs is too powerful to be overpowered. Decline of democracy in many western democracies has led to the control of many capitalist tycoons over policy making and policy execution apparatus. They have also been successful in using all sorts of media forums to their advantage. Therefore, no meaningful efforts have been made to curb climate change till now.

Another important thing to be kept in mind in this regard is that humans are fast loosing their capability to resolve the problem of climate change. Science community is of the opinion that even if today all carbon emissions are brought to zero, it will still take many years for the atmosphere to recover from the effects of these emissions, whereas the same community also predicts the climate change driven changes will disable life in many parts of the world by 2100. Hence, global community has no time to be easy on this issue. For global community, time to act is now.

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