Coconut oil — Wonders for skin. Coconut oil has earned bad reputation… | by Niharika Singh | Nov, 2021

Niharika Singh

Coconut oil has earned bad reputation being comodogenic on skin. However oil has numerous skin benefits when used wisely and in moderation . Here I am summing up all do/dont I learned through my first hand experience with coconut oil to reap max skin benefits

  1. Cononut oil make skin glowly and radiant, although you should not make part of daily skin routine. May be once in every 2–3 days, reason is excessive usuage can clog pores.

2. Do not use in excess amount, this goes for all oils though. Thing is if your skin is already covered in much oil, skin oil producing tendency decreases and hence it can cause skin dryness. Just use what your skin can absorb.

3. Coconut oil helps in fading hyperpigmention from wounds/burns/marks. This is themost amazing benefit of this oil and just make sure its cold pressed virgin coconut oil.My personal fav is Max care Virgin Coconut oil (this aint sponsored).

4. Lemon juice mixed with coconut oil works as good exfoliant. Mix one teaspoon coconut oil with just a little less(remember mix should not sting your skin, if it does add more coconut oil) and rub this continuosly for 6–7 minutes and you will notice dry skin and dirt will start to come out . Remember to wash your face with cleanser or clean your face with toner after this.

5.Coconut oil is also good for baby massage during summers.In winters olive oil is more appropriate.

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