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Collagen for skin: Bursting myths around it

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins found in humans and other mammals. It constitutes 1/3rd of all protein in the body and is essential for healthy skin, bones, muscles and ligaments. It is also one of the most essential ones in terms of function. It is responsible for maintaining the elasticity levels in skin, and supports the structure of muscles, vital organs, and also helps cushion the joints around bones. That’s not all. The most important job of collagen is ensuring a healthy and radiant skin by maintaining its elasticity. If the collagen levels in your skin are high, your skin will naturally appear firm and supple. This is the reason why people with adequate levels of collagen have a healthy and youthful skin texture.

Various factors like pollution, stress, UV rays and age lead to reduction of collagen production in the body. In fact after the age of 20, natural collagen production in the body decreases gradually. Skin starts developing signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone amongst others. In order to maintain healthy levels of collagen in the body and there by radiant and youthful skin it is important to ensure that you supplement your body with external sources of collagen builders.

The rising popularity of plant-based nutrition has led to several brands offering wellness products that can increase Collagen production in the body. Collagen is available for consumption in the form of supplements also as many people are unable to meet their Collagen requirement through conventional diet. Vegan sources contain collagen boosting ingredients that promote natural collagen production in the body. These are completely safe, effective and perfect for long term consumption as they are devoid of harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Unfortunately, some people lack complete information or remain misinformed on various aspects regarding collagen. Adding to that, the general air of uncertainty regarding health and wellbeing in today’s transformed climate. Unsurprisingly, we are bound to witness a number of myths being spun around collagen. It is important to debunk these myths and let the facts do the talking. Here we are putting every rumor to rest surrounding collagen and its benefits.

Myth: Collagen is important only for skin and joints

Reality: It’s true that collagen is essential for our joints and skin but there’s much more to it. Collagen has plenty of other functions and benefits too. It acts as a natural adhesive that glues the body by holding the muscles, bones and skin together and making sure they all work in harmony. Collagen also helps in preserving the natural elasticity and litheness of our skin, bones, and muscles while ensuring that they all function as one unit. Therefore, it is now clear that collagen serves many other purposes too; not just the maintenance of the skin and joints.

Myth: It is impossible to replenish lost collagen

Reality: Another fallacy that is popular amongst many people. Many people believe that it’s not possible for the body to recover. A body can produce collagen throughout its lifetime. The only thing that decreases is the amount that is produced as aging ensues. To ensure optimum production of collagen as we grow older, it is important to eat healthy plant-based foods high in Vitamin C and other clean, plant based Collagen Builder supplements that can naturally boost collagen production in the body.

Myth: Collagen creams can make the skin more elastic and firm

Reality: While many people think that collagen creams can aid collagen levels in our skin and increase elasticity; however this is only partly true. Collagen molecules are too large in size. This means collagen creams will not be able to permeate the epidermis layer to enrich the skin. This virtually means that collagen creams are ineffective in this regard. However creams with Collagen can help moisturize the skin and also make fine lines and wrinkles appear less prominent. For naturally younger looking and radiant skin, it is imperative that you supplement your diet with collagen builders.

Myth: Collagen supplements will fetch quick results

Reality: Collagen supplements nourish the body by extending the various building blocks needed for collagen production. This process generally takes a considerable period of time spanning 4-8 weeks for any tangible results. For radiant and youthful skin one must consume plant-based collagen builders daily for a period of minimum 3 months.

Moving ahead, Collagen is basically the secret behind great skin and a healthy frame. There are an endless number of reasons why it is so important to include collagen in our daily diet as well as skincare routine. Collagen helps in preserving the morning plumpness and bounciness that is otherwise compromised due to pollution, stress, UV rays, etc. Consuming Collagen-rich food or supplements that boost Collagen production, also helps in delaying the aging process that causes the skin to look old and wrinkly. All in all, it is necessary to take collagen in some form to compensate for the gradual decrease in its production inside the body.

With inputs from Aarti Gill, Co-founder & CEO of OZiva.

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