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Collagen: wetin be di real effects of dis supplement on di skin?

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Collagen capsules, powder mixes and even inside candy form dey easy to find online and for health food shops across Brazil.

But although na popular supplement, e still dey lack good scientific evidence to support di main benefit wey e dey promote: improve di appearance of di skin, promote firmness and reduce wrinkles and expression marks.

Collagen na essential protein wey dey human body, e dey responsible for di strength and elasticity of different tissues like skin, bone and cartilage.

As we age, production of dis protein dey reduce, and wrinkles, marks and sag dey appear on skin wey be say years ago dey smoother and stronger.

“Sake of di decrease for production, di industry dey offer oral supplements, wit claim say to use am dey help stimulate collagen production,” Elisete Croco, coordinator of di cosmetology department of di Brazilian Society of Dermatology explain.

Di kwesion of whether or not oral replacement dey offer benefits na fairly common one for doctors surgeries, Croco explain.

“Perhaps di answer lie for proper diet wit correct intake of amino acids through di diet. Scientific evidence on how effective di products dey, unfortunately, dey scarce.

Di doctor explain say few studies don dey able to demonstrate, use ultrasound, small improvement for skin thickening for women wey don use dis products.

“But e dey key to sabi say dis studies dey conducted by di industry demself sometimes dey involve 20 or 30 patients – too small sample to take di results to account.”

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Different types of collagen

E get different types of collagen. Di main types include

Type 1: Dey inside di skin, bones, tendons and teeth, e dey provide strength and structural support. Inside di skin, im work na to maintain firmness and elasticity.

Type 2: Dey inside cartilage, e dey play one key role for shock absorption and joint flexibility. E dey contribute to joint health and prevent wear and tear.

Type 3: Na di main tin for reticular tissues, e dey support internal organs like di liver, spleen and intestines. Dem also dey find am inside blood vessels, play one ogbonge role for vascular elasticity.

Type 4: One part of di basement membrane, e dey help maintain well-structured tissues. E dey acts as support for di cells and help regulate di substances wey dey pass through di membrane.

“Di one wey dem dey market pass na verisol, one type of collagen 1”, Mariele Bevilaqua explain, dermatologist for di Moinhos de Vento Hospital for Porto Alegre.

Verisol dey made up of bioactive collagen peptides – smaller fragments of di protein wey, for theory, dey absorb more effectively by di bodi.

And make we sabi say all versions na of animal origin, wey dey rule out di possibility say vegans dey use am. Dem dey extract di protein from di connective tissues of animals, like di skin, bones and cartilage of cattle, pigs, fish or poultry.

Wen supplement fit make all di difference

SBD Dr Elisete Croco explain say di supplementation fit dey good for some kind treatment situations.

“Wen we carry out dermatological procedures like peels, lasers and microneedling, we dey encourage di controlled destruction of cellular structures, to trigger di production of neocollagenesis. Therefore na di bodi, and no be di procedure itself, wey dey responsible to create new fibres for response to dis destruction.

Dis way, greater availability of di collagen protein wey dey di bodi go help to speed up dis process of ‘neocollagenesis’, wey dey produce additional collagen for process to recover skin fibres.

“I suggest to my patients to begin take supplements at least one month bifor di operation. Dis way, di skin go get more raw material for collagen stimulation during and afta aesthetic treatments”, Bevilaqua explain.

Di doctor point out say di supplement fit cost up to R$150 per month.

“Dis na considerable investment. Sake of dat, supplementation need to dey check out on one case-by-case basis.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Healthy habits fit dey more important dan supplementation

Anoda possible sign for collagen supplementation na case of orthopaedic injuries.

“For traumatic situations, particularly for joints, high-quality collagen supplementation fit contribute to better repair of fibrous tissue, although di effectiveness also lack robust studies.”

Supplementation or protection?

“E dey important to stress say di key impact na di interventions, but rather di preventive approach. E dey key to begin look afta di skin for early age, wen e still dey young, and to get healthy habits ova di first 50 years of life”, Croco point out.

Among di tins wey be benefit actions for di skin, doctor Mariele Bevilaqua mention say to protect oneself from exposure to di sun, no dey smoke, maintain good diet, wit small number of ultra-processed foods and good hydration, and good sleep routine.

And if di pesin already dey notice signs like fine lines, wrinkles and spots on di skin, products wey contain active ingredients like acids fit dey included for skincare routine, but cases fit dey check out individually according to each pesin complaints.

“Anoda option na to focus on non-injectable interventions, use more natural technologies or procedures, na di bodi imself wey dey produce collagen for dis case. Carry out one procedure like microneedling, for example, twice inside one year, wen separate signs of ageing dey noticed, fit dey seen as preventive work without exaggeration, maintain one natural result,” Croco tok.

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