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After a neurological test had been completed, it was confirmed that Ruffalo had a mass located around his Auditory Cortex. Mark Ruffalo brain tumor was pinching a facial nerve that could permanently create facial paralysis.

Actor Mark Ruffalo is well known for his variable roles in movies such as: The Avengers, FoxCatcher, Shutter Island, and the more recent, Spotlight. In May 2001, Mark Ruffalo had a life altering dream, in which, he acquired a brain tumor while shooting for the movie Signs (2002). The dream was so vivid and shocking, the next day Ruffalo met with the set doctor, whom he had become close friends. He said,

“Listen, I really had a scary dream last night and you’ll probably think I’m crazy but um… But I think I have a brain tumor and I would really like to get it uh… checked out.”

The doctor replied,

“You are crazy, but you shouldn’t have to live with that fear. But I will order you an MRI tomorrow… or CAT scan tomorrow,” Ruffalo stated.

But up until that point, he had no signs of brain cancer. The next day, the neurologist or nurse came back with the tests. She pulled the set doctor out into the other room where murmurs started to pass. The set doctor finally re-entered the room, completely “white as a sheet” and said,

“You have a mass behind your left ear the size of a small golf ball, and we don’t know what it is exactly, but you will need a MRI.”

The startling news forced actor Mark Ruffalo to turn down the role of Merrill Hess (played by Joaquin Phoenix) in Signs (2002) due to the Acoustic Neuroma (actor Mark Ruffalo Brain Tumor affected his hearing [Auditory Cortex]) in May 2001. The neurologists explained to Ruffalo that it was “the best of the worst” cases in which the primary brain tumor was not malignant, or they didn’t believe so.

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