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David Hayman is currently presenting Wonders of Scotland on ITV, showcasing the beauty and versatility of the nation. The star has had a long and storied career in both film and TV. With over 100 credits to his name and over 50 years of acting under his belt, Hayman is a veteran of the industry.

How old is David Hayman?

Since premiering on ITV on September 7, viewers have been enjoying Wonders of Scotland with David Hayman.

The show sees the star chart a course across the nation, cataloguing the best and brightest aspects of the country.

So far, Hayman has visited Argyle and Glencoe, Lewis and Harris, and Speyside and Cairngorms.

In the fourth and final episode, which airs September 28, Hayman will venture to East Lothian and the North Sea.

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The presenter and actor should be familiar to fans, having starred in countless films and TV shows over the course of his career.

Now 73 years old, Hayman has no signs of slowing down, as he is still starring in films year on year, with multiple projects in the pipeline.

Most recently, Hayman could be seen in series such as The Nest, Bang, Hatton Garden and Taboo.

In terms of films, the actor starred in Fisherman’s Friends, The Ballad of Billy McCrea and Help which just aired on ITV.

“Expect stunning landscapes, historical revelations, and unrivalled natural wonders that – if they’re anything like me – will make viewers want to get out there and see even more of glorious Scotland as soon as the programme ends.”

In a recent interview on This Morning, Hayman also shared some details on the show, including how he tackles taking on these documentary projects.

“You learn so much,” Hayman explained, “I do in as an everyman, as ‘Joe Bloggs’ and essentially just want to learn and absorb and explain.

“What a job! To be paid to travel around Scotland, to discover its wonders, its beauty, its staggering, staggering breath-taking landscapes am doits warm and friendly people.

“You want to share it with everyone. Scotland is consistently voted one of the most beautiful countries in the world and also voted one of the friendliest countries.

“It’s a glorious country and we just want to share it and spread the joy.”

For viewers keen to catch up on the show, the complete season is available to watch on ITV Hub from tonight after 7pm.

Hayman’s upcoming projects include Fisherman’s Friends 2, My Neighbour, Adolf and Kingslayer.

Wonders of Scotland with David Hayman is available to watch on ITV and ITV Hub.

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