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DAVIS COLUMN: Fall is begining to round into full-swing | Recreation

Autumn arrives in Doug Williams’ mind when he hears the geese leaving, and he sees photos of bears and deer taken by his customers, at DW Sports Center in Portage, who know the season by mosquitoes’ absence and hitchhiking plant parts numerous. “Use a cat brush to clean the burs,” Williams says.

“I planned on an earlier fall,” he said. “And hunters should, too. Buy now if you can, with an emphasis on ammunition.”

Ginseng is continuing to yellow, with green root prices holding between $225 and $245 per pound, according to Aaron Fortney, in Gays Mills.

Don Martin, in Monroe, has a few of the more popular cartridges, but deer hunters should be looking at last minute purchases. “It’s autumn when I need the long sleeves and the bugs are missing,” he said.

Catfishing requires some chicken liver, according to Martin; license sales and bonus deer authorizations sales are brisk.

Twelve lake sturgeon have been registered at Wilderness Fish and Game in Sauk City, says Wally Banfi. “One was 70 inches, another weighed 75 pounds.”

Banfi’s autumn signal is shifting to muskie fishing and seeing walleyes putting on weight building up egg sacs. “Seeing the lovely colors appearing take some of the edge of gear and ammunition shortages, too. We’ve started to put out ice fishing gear. It seems many of the archers are smiling already, too.”

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