Day 483. And Day 1.. I’m sitting in the treatment chair… | by Shirley Marie | Oct, 2021

Day 483. And Day 1.

I’m sitting in the treatment chair, it’s a little worn on the arms.

That’s all I had to write that day.

Now it’s 30 weeks and 4 treatments and day 638. I wasn’t scared I was curious and afraid to write of course because I didn’t want to manifest anything crazy. But now that I’m four treatments in I can honestly say I’ve been through some crazy shit.

I can write so much more today because my dog, A feisty golden doodle, is having babies. Well puppies but they’re babies. What a long strange trip it has been for sure. This was really kind of unexpected but not. About two months ago we took her on a doggy date which we thought was absolutely unsuccessful. It seemed she could only worry about me being gone and it didn’t seem they, she and Max a poodle, had enough alone time. But here we are with two puppies so far.

So now we’ve closed escrow on a couple properties, I’m still in cancer treatment, I’m still a recovering wild thing, we have a new business run, an old business, two full-time jobs, two full-time kids, and now we have brand-spanking new puppies.

Do you know what though, it doesn’t bother me. None of it. It’s all great and busy and fun and treacherous sometimes. But it’s a good life. I never really thought of my life when I was young. I wasn’t one of those girls that planned her wedding and their house and their man. But I guess when I look back I totally manifested it through Barbies. My Barbie was always the same character. Always the same job, a simple one but a career, the same house a modest one because we don’t need to spend on money on material things. My pink Barbie Jeep has ended up being a 4Runner.

And here I am with puppies. Didn’t Barbie’s little sister come with a dog? Funny thing about all this too is we recently started researching a new puppy for our 10-year-old daughter. We’re family of three dogs and right now we’re at two so she needed a puppy. Problem solved.

Lars, the dog is supposed to be in labor a few more hours if she has more puppies. She 70 pounds and the father was about 70 pounds as well he’s a white poodle. She’s a black golden doodle. These puppies will be magnificent. And a surprise. Like those Jerry Springer shows when the lady goes on and says she absolutely didn’t know she was pregnant. Aside from stealing our food and being a generally moody Lars, we had no idea. And here we wait. Writing stories.

Until next time.

Shirley Marie

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