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“Days A Way” — Day 10, An Explant Journey | by Luigi Pissani, M.S. | Sep, 2021

honest with me, does this picture have 80’s Design written all over it? No need to be apologetic about your frankness, I can accept it. Originally, I was only going to be posting one of these photos, but my wife found it might be better to add a collage. So this is fresh off the Canva printing press. And for the cord, I did spend max 20 min on this. Fun fact: meals 1 and 3 (from Top Left to Right) are the same meal. You’d never guess what the sandwich is made of.

Now, moving on to more important business, we are less than a week away before the explant surgery. Our collective spirit levels are about normal. Not too high, not too low, almost on the “let’s get this over with” but also simultaneously on the “let’s do this before the surgery!”. Insert some form of food adventure or just food in general.

Here’s the cool part about that in a philosophical way: In essence, the former bears a resemblance to accepting the inevitable while the latter embraces the last moments and wishes to make the most of them. Both absolutely absolute in their own way. Let’s take it a step further and apply the truth of that notion.

There are significant moments in life (specifically those where $, energy, intention, patience, anticipation, etc come together in such a manner) that wholeheatedly remind us of the nature of everything. There is a beautiful rhythmic — so as not to use the overly abused ‘cyclical’ — aspect of our universe. Today, I saw a receipt in the mail for the operation and my immediate emotion was NOT: “Oh, shit, that’s a bill.” That value might represent a specific thing to some folks. For some it’s a month’s rent or two, all their month’s expenses, a handbag or shoes and whatever else. For us, it’s just part of the journey.

It’s about even; not too high, not too low, basically just another aspect of life. For a moment, consider the following:

Does the value on the receipt at all equal the value of your wife’s health and wellbeing? Can 10x the monetary “symbol” of that receipt cover the meaning that our lives have for each other?

We get to put the right things into perspective during critical moments and find new meanings/relations to everything and everyone around us.

Stay absolutely curious my friends.

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