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Deal with Yourself.. All of us have memories, there are… | by Rani | Jan, 2022


All of us have memories, there are about happiness, sadness, anger, craziness, sweet moments, revenge, desperate, dangerous, guilty feeling, etc. Some of us are stuck in these memories, some of us can’t go back to reality and don’t know what we are supposed to do for a long time. I just wanna say that it’s quite hard and just like Linkin Park song I always wondering: why’s everything so heavy?

Maybe it sounds complaint, some of us maybe could through these memories. I mean negative memories. Sometimes I realized that I’m not the only one who feels this and not special but I’m trying to live well without any worries and won’t be stuck over my memories even though still can’t get over them. I remember a lot of memories and I admit it’s hard for me to bear it for a long time. I know death is a certainty but still, even you lost someone once after that twice also third it definitely does not feel the same. Lose always different.

So, you have to understand that the world still spinning as usual even though you’re life crashing. I have a principle that the world no need to know when I’m falling or torn in two. Because I do believe that nobody cares. No, I don’t blame anyone I just blame myself why am I still stuck here and people around me can live well.

I mean, they’re grown up, and why I still at this wallows?

I’m afraid that it always like this, that I’m always feeling lonely through this alone. Also spending my time with this feeling that I even don’t know exactly what it is.

The only thing that comes over me is to deal with my self.

Why is it so important? The first thing that you have to understand is the only person you have is yourself and you must remember that nobody’s perfect include yourself, me, and other people. Being human is grace, we have the mind and of course common sense but sometimes we drive crazy because of some situations or conditions. It’s understandable.

But how long? How about the next step, so all you have to do is remember yourself and treat well. Most of us ignore our feelings.

The second is to remember that you exist in this world, why is it important? I think that’s the only thing that makes you realized that we live. So we can live, find hobbies, make friends, and have a boyfriend/ girlfriend. Just make sure that you do things for all day, because being busy helping you a lot. You know that we live in this world is temporary, right?

The third is being positive, not toxic positivity but it’s all about another perspective. Not for all situations, but being positive sometimes help you with something unpredictable. Sometimes because we get disappointed many times makes us hard to think positively about something it makes us being hopeless.

The fourth is don’t expect too much especially for a human, need to know that we hurting each other sometimes, right? The expectation is the best reminder that you’re still alive and makes you always reach your dreams, but have high expectations could be hurting you.

The fifth is to remember that you’re worthy enough. You don’t have to make everyone satisfied, just put yourself first. Why we can’t be selfish? as long as we do not harm other people. Reward yourself, like drinking Chatime or tasty meal or just find a way just as comfortable as you want.

Being human is hard, we are born and then we go to school, find a career, survive and earn money to live (I found this at 5SOS Meme and so relate).

Need to know that I’m giving up many times and even though it’s tough I always trying to rise. Although sometimes there are always other episodes to feel worthless and doubt myself. Still, I’m trying.

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