Decentralised education systems and medical& health infrastructures service | by Isaac Kiplangat | Nov, 2021

Since invention of technology , science and governments, education and health sectors us stayed relavant through out all the eras. Of currently in many governments and organidation the main sector that have beeen most important are medical and health sector, so is education sector….these sector should and have to be provided to every person regardless of status quo, region or government.

I know you may and will support me on this, starting of the medical sectors, several structures have been developed together to ensure that this service can reach 95% persons in need, however it has been not clear as everything as been monetised, with several medicine private and government -sponsored production companies, private and public hospitals,dispensaries phamarcies and chemist even healers. However sickness is unbiased can everybody is not immune to sickness, currently we have been dealing with a pandemic, COVID 19 that caused death of millions of people of different intellects and age. therefore medical service can be stated as becoming one of the most important and cannot be neglected or just managed a simple as it is. Solid and workqble structure should be the main agenda and not the privatised , manny companies and research centers and government hqve been minting millions from people, well deserved off course, but a system to run the medical system should be implemented worldwide , and eradicate smaller countries with smaller budget mostly relieng from donations


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