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Derma Essentia brings one-of-its-kind skin science concept

New Delhi [India], September 27 (ANI/NewsVoir): Today’s lifestyle such as long working hours, exposure to UV rays, too much use of smartphones, poor sleep pattern, mismanaged eating habits and overseas travelling results into ruining one’s biological clock which impacts imbalance into skin’s rhythm.

Witnessing the need of the hour, has made Derma Essentia, one of the niche premium skinhair care brands to accentuate a Chrono Beauty concept, which is based on an innovative natural bioactive ingredient, Chrono Chardy.

This unique proposition is procured from the Chardonnay farms of Japan. Inspired by constantly changing skin requirements, the unique formulation balances the day and night-time functions of the skin by synchronizing the skin’s circadian rhythmrejuvenating inner skin beauty.

The concept Chrono Chardy is the perfect combination of innovations inclined towards skin science and formulations being utilized by the Derma Essentia. The concept is defined as with the term circadian rhythm, which refers to the human body’s internal 24-hour physiologic, metabolic, and behavioural rhythms and is controlled by the central regulator or master clock in your brain.

According to the brand, the theory behind this unique concept is to capture the main essence of the brand, i.e. Helping people to escapade the best in class essentials for healthy skin backed by the science.

One-of-its-kind notion, minimizes transepidermal water loss for healthy skin and maintains, enhances one’s glow which helps to implement an instant and long term moisture under the layers of skin.

The formulation also helps to even out skin tone, refines skin texture, promotes skin brightness, reduces wrinkle formation, offers anti-ageing benefits, fights age spots, elevates synthesis of collagen of your skin, regulates aquaporin, repairs DNA, and offers protection during the day and regeneration at night.

Elaborating on the concept, Himani Guleria, Brand Manager, Derma Essentia says, “Our products are induced with this unique concept, enriched with Vitis vinifera grapefruit extract, is the perfect answer to unique skincare solution that works on skin’s biological clock genes to synchronize their functions. The brand is more focussed towards working on innovation in the skin science segment, hence we are synergistically developing products which are sourced from the secrets of natural, proven skin bio-actives which protects against external aggressors.”With the team’s excellent experience, knowledge, and credentials, Derma Essentia is pioneer in launching vitamin C in India which is already a brand leader in its category.

Derma Essentia’s founders and team have spent a few decades to understand this concept and to implement it in the most accurate way. It is their endeavour to inspire, educate, and share the diverse cosmeceutical expertise to redefine skincare.

With the help of a huge range of product variants equipped with this distinctive Chrono Chardy concept has made Derma Essentia to induce Chrono Beauty concept based formulation in their skin-care product portfolios such as Vitamin C Serum and Face wash, Sunscreen gel SPF 50, Under eye cream, Hydrating foaming face wash, Oil free cleanser, Anti-Aging Cream and the brand is looking forward to bringing many more skincare products, adding the concept of Chrono Chardy in the coming times for their aspiring consumer and this would be witnessing a new array of brand’s business expansion led growth strategy.

The brand empowers people to reinvent their skin and hair with Science Backed Essentials and a belief in revolutionizing the personal-care industry.

Derma Essentia is a nature-inspired skin and hair care brand which is committed to make a profound difference in the lives of their customers. At Derma Essentia, the products are synergistically developed with secrets of natural, proven skin bio-actives, and science to work on a deeper cellular level which protects against environmental aggressors.

Every Derma Essentia product is a masterpiece, handcrafted by experts who have worked personally to test numerous solutions which can unbox answers to enhance skin’s current health. With its variants in skin and hair care products, Derma Essentia becomes a one-stop shop destination for healthy personal-care desire.

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