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Descent: Legends of the Dark is the perfect blend of video games and tabletop adventure

Grown-up life is hard, and Descent: Legends of the Dark knows this. To be precise, it’s aware that getting a board game group together regularly can be like herding cats. With that in mind, Descent can be played – and actually enjoyed – by just one person. 

Sure, Descent: Legends of the Dark can accommodate four adventurers in total. But rounding up so many willing victims isn’t essential to have a good time. 

Apps versus evil

Set in the land of Terrinoth (a fantasy world that’s been taking shape since the mid-2000s) and acting as a follow-up of sorts to Descent: Journeys in the Dark, this co-op dungeon-crawler tasks its would-be heroes with holding back a tide of hellspawn who are clearly bad news because of how spikey they are. However, it’s not this traditional plot of good versus evil that’ll draw you in. Instead, that success can be laid at the feet of the game’s sleek, almost-smart-enough-to-make-you-a-coffee companion app. 

Descent: Legends of the Dark

Descent’s miniatures and scenery are show-stoppers for any table (Image credit: Future)

Many of the best board games feature mechanics powered by your smartphone or tablet, but few of them are as involved as this. Thanks to dialogue options that sit alongside a full soundtrack and AI-controlled enemy attacks, Descent: Legends of the Dark often feels more like playing a video game than it does a tabletop experience. When combined with the tactile nature of the miniatures and scenery (a generous amount of which are included in the box), it’s a unique experience that you can’t really find anywhere else.

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