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Detoxing For Healthier Mind, Body & Soul | by Fifi Leigh | Oct, 2021

Fifi Leigh

Sunday, 10.31.21

When I get off balance, I realized it is time to center myself. I often do yoga, once a week, at an outdoor meetup, work out at the gym, and meditate during walking/hiking meetups. Meditating on nature, animals — whether wildlife or pets, and God’s beautiful wonders tends to center me because they are all positive Creations by the Creator Himself.

Then, I noticed what I am eating to make sure everything I eat is pure and untainted, or not intentionally maimed. Even though I am a Vegan/Vegetarian, sometimes such food has questionable ingredients. It is therefore important to always read the ingredients before purchasing anything.

I also recently realized the importance of drinking lots of water, which I don’t always do, although I try to drink six to eight glasses per day. I try to buy alkaline water, if possible. But I also use a Brita pitcher, even for my cat.

These are my basic tips for a healthier mind, body, and soul. Just keep it simple and pure, as detox negativity, toxins, and other unwanted matter that is affecting one’s mind, body, and/or soul in some harmful way.

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