Distribution of nature. He asked again, “What are their ages?”… | by Mehfooz Khattak | Jan, 2022

Mehfooz Khattak

Professor, how many children do you have? I said, “Three.”

He asked again, “What are their ages?” I replied, “Nine years, seven years, and three years.”

On hearing this, he said, “Then you will surely bring something for them on your return from university?” When I answered in the affirmative, he again asked, “How would you distribute these things among them?” Are there?

I said, “I have a son and two daughters, and since the son is older,

I hand over everything I have brought to him and ask him to share them.”

On hearing this, he said, “Professor Sahib, what will you do if one day you find out that your son does not distribute the things you have brought according to your instructions or does not use justice in distributing them?”

I laughed and said, “Even if it happens, the solution is very simple. Next time, I will give him only his share and I will give him my share of the daughters separately.”

Hearing this, a meaningful smile appeared on his face and he took a deep breath and said, “Professor! You are driven by the same philosophy on the basis of which God has set the formula for distributing His gifts.

The sustenance and blessings that Allah (SWT) bestows on you are not only for you. Many people have a share in them and as long as you continue to deliver that share to those who are entitled to them with complete honesty and justice. That share is given in the same proportion and in the eyes of the world, you also remain wealthy ‘Seth’, the feudal lord and capitalist. The rail loses the peel.

Then the Almighty begins to deliver that provision directly to them

Or appoint a new “distributor” for the distribution of this provision and the world thinks that this Seth has gone bankrupt.

Is. At the same time, it is heard that Allah has been very kind to the son of such and such. He is progressing twice a day and four times a night. This is the same person whom the Lord has removed and appointed a new “distributor” in your place.

We have stopped taking away the share of people from the honor given to us by our Lord and thus the transmission of honor has decreased. We have stopped sharing the facilities given to us by our Lord and those facilities are also being taken away from should be noted that this issue of Allah’s distribution is not limited to sustenance only. It includes dignity, peace, tranquility, and comfort. The issue of honor in particular is very special and needs to be understood very well. God is very sensitive in matters of honor. We have taken the honor bestowed by Allah as our personal earnings. We are under the impression that we are the owners of this honor without our participation. All this is the result of our personal heritage and our ability and capabilities. Absolutely not.

If you look around you will see a crowd of people in a state of restlessness and anxiety. Unfortunately, we as a nation are also suffering from the same conditions. Why is that? Why are we so deprived compared to the rest of the world? Is it the result of our misdeeds and sins or is it something else?

We are guilty of our poor neighbor, of this poor girl whose total marriage cost is equal to our child’s annual pocket money. There are equal partners in these taunts who endure bringing a low dowry all their lives. We are guilty of this sick child whose treatment can cost the price of one of the many cars parked in our house. We are guilty of a petitioner who takes a loan from a remote village to reach our office at the wrong time when we are busy gossiping with a loved one or friend and it is postponed for the next day. We are guilty of this housemaid whose son looks at our broken bicycle, old clothes, and shoes in our house with a look of regret which we use and do not dare to give to anyone.

There is only one way out of this collective unrest, unrest, unhappiness, and excitement.

We need to change our daily behavior. “

We have to understand that the honor of the creature is actually the honor of its creator and the love of the creature is actually the love of its creator. Can we compete with those nations where human beings, even human beings, receive their share of respect, love, and facilities with full honesty and generosity? When we trade hatred instead of love, humiliation instead of honor, and deprivation instead of forgiveness, then we must believe that the Creator will sooner or later remove us and appoint a new “distributor”. ۔

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