Do Prenatal Vitamins Help Hair Grow? | by Nancy Ezebuiro | Apr, 2024

Imagine seeing this blog post when you asked Google, “How can I help my hair grow?” This article shows you the link between prenatal vitamins and hair growth, whether you are pregnant or not.

Pregnancy comes with an increased need for vitamins and minerals. Remember, you are working twice as hard to stay healthy while growing your baby. This is where prenatal vitamins come in.

Essential vitamins like B vitamins, iron and calcium do not only support women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or breastfeeding. They also help you to produce new cells and stay healthy.

In this article, we will look at prenatal vitamins that can help your hair grow. We also answer questions on how they help your hair grow faster and thicker and if they help with getting pregnant or not.

Prenatal vitamins are specifically formulated to support you through your pregnancy journey. You may notice that your hair grows faster and thicker while taking them. This does not necessarily mean that prenatal vitamins help your hair grow.

Deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals — like those in prenatal vitamins leads to hair loss. However, no scientific evidence exists that prenatal vitamins boost hair growth.

Another reason hair grows faster while pregnant is elevated hormone levels. Oestrogen extends the anagen (growing) phase of hair follicles, while progesterone boosts blood flow and increases oil production.

A healthy, balanced diet might be all you need, not prenatal vitamins.

Prenatal vitamins are packed with various essential nutrients. Some of the key vitamins in prenatal vitamins are:

  • Folic Acid: Folic acid helps prevent congenital abnormalities affecting your baby’s brain and spine development.
  • Choline: Like folic acid, it helps your baby’s brain and spinal cord develop properly. It reduces the risk of neural tube defects.
  • Omega-3 (DHA): Omega-3 fatty acid supports the development of your baby’s vision, brain, and nervous system.
  • Iron: Iron helps to make healthy red blood cells for you and your baby.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D ensures ovulatory regulation and healthy egg formation.
  • Iodine: Iodine produces thyroid hormones, which help you store energy from food. It also develops your baby’s brain and nervous system.

Some of the vitamins in prenatal vitamins can help your hair grow faster. Some of these include:

The B complex includes the eight B vitamins. One symptom of vitamins B2, B7, B9, and B12 deficiency is hair loss.

  • Riboflavin (B2): Riboflavin contains two coenzymes responsible for the growth of new cells in your body. It also maintains your blood homocysteine levels. This amino acid produces proteins that help you grow healthy hair strands.
  • Biotin (B7): Biotin is a cofactor for five carboxylases, which is responsible for the metabolism of fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids. It is one of the popular nutrients associated with hair care because of its role in protein synthesis, especially keratin production. This is why most hair, skin, and nails supplements contain biotin.
  • Folate (B9): Folate aids the growth and maintenance of body cells. It plays a significant role in producing DNA, RNA and red blood cells. Folate transports nutrients and oxygen around your body, including hair follicles in your skin and scalp. Folate deficiency can cause changes in your hair like thinning, loss and premature greying.
  • Cobalamin (B12): Like folate, B12 is responsible for nerve function and the production of DNA and red blood cells. B12 helps the growth of new hair follicles while boosting the health of the old ones.

Vitamin A is critical for vision, immune function, and cellular growth. Consuming too much vitamin A can lead to oversecretion of oil in sebaceous glands and hair loss. Taking vitamin A in the right amounts can help your hair, skin and nails grow.

Iron produces haemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen around the body. Low iron levels lead to iron deficiency anaemia. It is common in most women who experience hair shedding or loss.

Vitamin C boosts the absorption of iron. It also supports the production of collagen and neurotransmitters. Low vitamin C intake is associated with iron deficiency-induced hair loss, which makes your hair weak and brittle.

Here are some tips you can implement if you want your hair to grow faster:

  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet
  • Get at least 6–7 hours of sleep
  • Wash and condition your hair frequently
  • Comb and brush your hair gently
  • Choose protective hairstyles with little to no friction on the roots of your hair.
  • Limit the use of styling tools that use heat, e.g., flat irons, curlers, blow dryers
  • Reduce stress levels

Can I take hair vitamins while pregnant?

Most of the supplements listed above are fertility supplements for women. This means that they boost female fertility. However, EU Natural Conception provides a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that balance your hormone levels and support a healthy pregnancy.

Do prenatal vitamins help baby hair grow?

Prenatal vitamins support the growth and development of your baby. This includes healthy growth of hair, skin and nails. However, the impact on your baby’s hair, nails, and skin is unclear.

Do prenatal vitamins help with getting pregnant?

It is possible for prenatal vitamins to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. However, they do not directly help you get pregnant.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prenatal vitamins like folic acid are suitable for women of childbearing age whether they are pregnant or not.

Prenatal vitamins are great. However, there are other ways to grow your hair faster besides taking them. One of the reasons why you may be struggling with hair growth is vitamin deficiency. Prenatal vitamins have exactly what you need, so you may not need to use hair vitamins during pregnancy.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor before taking any prenatal gummy vitamin or supplement to help your hair grow faster and thicker.

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