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Don’t steal Hawks Nest’s soul with greedy development – News Of The Area


DEAR News Of The Area,

IN regards to the rezoning as an amendment to the Council’s Local Environmental Plan allowing for the approval for a large commercial property being built on Bennetts Beach, Hawks Nest.

If you live nearby or frequent this rare coastal natural beauty, you know how precious it is for the original land owners, locals, visitors and the country in general.

We seem to feel we can destroy the natural wonders we have left in Australia.

On the Mid North Coast there are more than enough coastal areas that offer so-called resort and modern comforts.

Hawks Nest is not one of those places and should never be.

The NSW coastline offers many established areas with built up modern comforts inclusive of resort/hotel style accommodation.

We do not need any more and we do not welcome the destruction of the unique natural environs of Hawks Nest (and Tea Gardens).

The opposite side of the bay (Nelson Bay, Shoal Bay etc) adequately cater for the populous that choose to live or visit such built up areas – we do not need nor want another one in the greater Port Stephens locale.

Some of the facts to consider in repelling this ridiculous attempt of greed and destruction are:

– The proposed development is in no way consistent with the existing houses/buildings.

I believe the highest building is three storeys and that is limited to two or three properties. Neither of which are ‘resorts/hotels’.

Anything more than what is there would offend the beauty of Hawks Nest and destroy its appeal.

– The Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Community do not need a development of this scale and it is definitely not in line with the communities demographic.

– The 14km stretch of beach is so rare and unique and one of the last such bastions in Australia. You will never get it back if you sell it’s soul.

– There are no other buildings visible from the beach – anywhere along the entire beach. Well there is the Surf Club and that is expected and accepted.

Please know that the wrong decision could be the beginning of the destruction of Hawks Nest and its uniqueness – I have said ‘unique’ a few times as it is exactly that and a stroke of a pen could ruin it forever – no coming back – ever.

That is serious and sad.

Don’t do it.

This is the future of the community that will be destroyed, forever.

Such a permanent change/decision can never be rescinded.

You have the opportunity to support a growing and vocal community of people who are petitioning to stop this ridiculous proposal.

Do the right thing and feel proud to support the people.


NOTE – letter originally sent to Rob Stokes, New South Wales Minister for Planning and Public Spaces.

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