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“Well, that was dramatic.” May exclaimed as we walked out of our humanities class. May and I have been attached at the hip for as log as I can remember, we did and still do everything together. Right now she has the brightest smile on her face rambling on about some girl named Ally not wanting to be friends with her anymore because May tried to ‘poison her’, well she did poison her, but I promise it wasn’t on purpose! May is an interesting human being, somehow she managed to accidentally put laxatives in her drink when she was trying to put it in Harrys drink, this girls boyfriend that May despises. Anyways this girl was in the washroom for hours, and I mean hours! Don’t let what I just told you fool you, because may is exceptionally nice and bubbly when you get to meet her fully.She’s quite the social butterfly when itches to social situations, I on the other hand am not. I prefer to stay away from crowds and socialising, I just don’t see the need for it and it makes me nervous. Sometimes I wonder how May can do it all, just being confident and never take anyones crap. Before she came to this school in junior year I was completely that one stereotypical nerd with no friends, although I didn’t get bullied because my brother is the captain of the football team and he tells them to lay off, having a annoyingly sporty brother has its benefits. Right now May and I are in her mums car skipping our 4th period this week alone, I assume she’s driving to McDonalds, I don’t bother to ask as im just happy to listen to soft rock music and look out the car window. Ive always liked looking at the sky, its so pretty and full of life. It really captures the essence of living and that there’s so much to live for, the beauty of the world being one of them, of course before the humans came and practically destroyed it, but still I like to take in the smallest beauty I can and make it a big deal. Ima glass half full kinda guy if you couldn’t tell. As im staring out the window I notice something odd, more so someone odd. There is a man with a white mask covering his whole face a frown drawn scribbly onto it, he’s wearing a suit that looks slightly warn out and muddy, I assume thats because he’s standing right out front of a forrest. He looks kind of terrifying. I kind of want to help, but also I’ve seen horror movies and this is how you get lead I=to your death, im not stupid, but May is. She notices the man and suddenly slams on the break. “May, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” I question in a loud whisper, if the man could hear us, so far he’s still standing in the same spot, just staring right in our direction. “I’m going to help him idiot and you are too, cmon.” She says with a. Curios look on her face as she pulls the keys out and goes to open her door, I stop her by grabbing her arm. “No, we are not getting murdered tonight, just drive and forget about it.” I try to persuade her, but it was pointless and she said a long string of reasons why we should help the man, god she so stubborn. Hesitantly I lessen my grip on her arm as she gets out steadily and confidently approaching the man. She turns to face me slightly and motions for me to come with her hand. Of corse I got out because im gullible and I don’t feel like being guilty for my best friends death, thats if this guy ends up being sketchy. So as im getting out of the car and slowly accompany her towards this creepy man. “See I told you I wouldn’t die.” She loudly whispers. “Yet.” I add on, she rolls her eyes, but her smile never falters. As we slowly inch across the dimly lit road you could only hear the light scraping of our shoes and May’s jacket rubbing against her , but as we got closer I could hear some sort of lullaby tune. I couldn’t quite pick it out, I’ve heard it before. I think and think until I come to a halt, its bagatelle №25, that tune is in my sisters jewellery box, thats why I remember it so vividly. May notices my absence in tracing her and turns around to face me fully. “Are you sure you’re okay, im sorry for pressuring you to come over here, I’m sure we could turn back if you’re too scared.” She sighed ever so lightly that It was hardly audible. I think for a moment, I want to take up her offer on going back, I just want to crawl up against that window and looks at the stars with soft rock in the background, but then again I’ve been told I should face my fears of socialising and do better to help the world. After a small moment of thinking I shake my head signalising that I still want to approach this guy. She nods and turns back walking slowly towards the guy again. It feels like forever that we’ve been walking. I turn around slightly and see no trace of May’s mothers car. Well thats odd? I look up to the sky to see no stars, no moon, no source of light. All of a sudden everything is pitch black. I open my mouth to scream for help, but no sounds come out. What’s happening? I close my eyes and wish for this to all be a dream for me to wake up and tell May that we shouldn’t skip humanities or even tell her to just look forward. After thinking for a significant amount of time I attempt to try and open my eyes, yet they stay glued shut. Then i see a piercingly white flash. Am I dying? Is this the end? I didn’t even get to live my life, travel to Paris, buy a monkey, dress it in clothes as if it were my own child and actually end up making my mums secret cookie recipe. It seems i have died, well may as well accept it now. I try to reopen my eyes again and suddenly it works. Woah, I look up to see a white room and myself dressed in a blue and white hospital gown, ew this is not a good fit. What i assume is a doctor walks into the room. He has a clipboard in his hands, glasses resting on the bridge of his nose, his white coat nearly touches the ground, as it is evidently too large. His eyes stumble across me, a smile appears across his face and what i can assume are shocked eyes, or maybe his eyes are just always wide like he’s seen a ghost, or maybe they’re always like that, who am I to judge? “Hello Jay, we thought you were surely to far gone from the coma, but you pulled through congratulations. Its suprising that someone who has been in a coma for a whole year wakes up. how are you feeling?” He says in a very professional british accent. “I, uhm a coma?” I question not being used to my voice. Where is may? Is she okay? “Yes a coma son, It may be weird at first and your memories might be a little hazy, you’re going to have to stay in the hospital for around 3 days more than we can get you out of here. How does that sound?” He sounds too cheerful and positive, but i guess thats what you have to do dealing with a 16 year old boy that just came out of a so called coma. “That sounds good, i assume. Uhm, quick question before you leave, where’s May, May wetherster? She’s my best friend and she was out with me when i assume i got into this coma so maybe she’s here?” I blurt out. His gaze softens. “May…May wetherster passed away 8 months ago, she died from acute myeloid Leukemia, she had cancer Jay. I’d like to assure you she battled hard and fought to see you wake up, but sadly she lost her battle. Im so sorry for your loss.” He nods his head sorrowfully and hesitantly walks out, closing the door behind him. I silently cry to myself as i think about how she’s up in the stars, in a better place now. I slowly make my way towards the window that has a wide ledge, wide enough for me to sit in. I sit in it and bring my knees to my chest and just sob. She’s gone, forever, yes its inevitable and yes we all die, but she was taken from us way too soon. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. Some people think death is beautiful, which everything is beautiful in its own way, but death? How can something so gruesomely built be beautiful? Some people may say that it’s regenerating new life for others and things like that, but I just think it’s sad. I sat there on that window sill everyday for 3 days until i got sent home and from then on I tried to avoid death, although I accepted May’s death I will not accept my own. So dramatic aren’t I?

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