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Earth and Moon, Face to Face. Joseph Abbo © 2021. | by joseph abbo | Sep, 2021

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Joseph Abbo © 2021.

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Credit: NASA

Below is an excerpt from one of the chapters in my upcoming book “From Asteroids to Pandemics, how to live in a planet of spontaneous risks”, which I expect to publish in March of 2022.

In this particular chapter I write about the possibility of Earth pulling the Moon into its orbit. A few days ago I learned about the new upcoming film from Roland Emmerich, titled Moonfall. It promises to be an immediate sci-fi blockbuster movie. The script, is about the possibility that the Moon is knocked out of it orbit and heads straight towards a collision with Earth.

The movie will be released on February 4, 2022.

I have been writing a chapter in my book precisely about the eventuality that Earth and Moon, could collide due to some spontaneous cosmic mishap. As I can tell from the trailer of the movie, my conception of a violent, existential consequences of such event, are pretty much on the mark. As you wait for the movie to be released in a few months from now, take a peek at an extract from the chapter where I touch upon what to expect the day the Earth encounters the Moon, face to face.


What if the Earth magnetic pull suddenly spikes attracting to its orbit the Moon? In a zepto-second of destruction, things would get really messy for us earthlings. Having a close encounter with the Moon, will not be an exciting, one in a lifetime celebration event. It will be an apocalypse, much more violent and destructive than the Hadean Eon some 4 billion years ago.

Upon the clash of these two massive bodies, debris at ballistic speeds of thousands of miles per hour will shoot out to space, then turn back into our planet in a heavy shower of fiery meteor fragments, in all sorts of deadly random sizes. Call it, cosmic hell on Earth.

The Chicxulub impactor which hit Earth 66 million years ago and decimated most of the living species at the time, would look like a “walk in the park” on the geological map of the 4.5 billion years of Earth existence.

An existential level event of Earth, face to face with the Moon would crunch at least a third of our planet. The Moon would break apart into meteor fragments. These debris will blast at ballistic speeds of thousands of miles per hour out to space, then boomerang into our planet as a shower of fiery meteor fragments. Shock waves from their air blasts, will violently thrust into oblivion most of humanity, and whatever other living form stands on its way. By the time this happens, you will be turned into a dust particle.

Call it, cosmic hell on Earth.

As the Earth pulls out of the Moon, and the Moon pulls into Earth’s orbit, major dislocations of the tectonic plates deep beneath our ocean floor, would trigger massive tsunami waves, accelerating the continental drift while displacing all the seven continents.

Roy Livermore’s Novopangaea configuration, would take shape much faster than the 250 million years it was expected to take form. There would be unimaginable deadly lava floods, massive thunderstorms, firestorms, and heatwaves. And, as the photosynthesis process breaks down, oxygenation levels will collapse.

After sixty-six million years from the last mass extinction event on the Planet, the face to face encounter of Earth with the Moon, will be the first existential level event of humankind. True, the possibility of the Moon and Earth going face to face, sounds too far fetch, typical of a sci-fi movie on steroids. But keep in mind that after 200,000 to 300,000 years we evolving, complex, intelligent earthlings, are barely scratching the surface of the countless unknowns that the Universe has in store for us. One of them could well be the Moon making a too close encounter on Planet Earth.

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