Eat a cup of white tea every evening, you can feel the benefits in a month | by RANJIT KUMAR SUTRADHAR | Nov, 2021


Many people eat black tea. Some people also eat green tea to stay healthy. But White Tea? What happens when you play it?

What is this white tea? This tea was first cultivated in Fujian Province, China. Now this tea leaf is cultivated in many places in India and Nepal. The color of white tea is light yellow. It contains most of the properties of black tea or green tea. But the taste of this tea is a little different. Its tanning effect is a little less than other teas. The level of fragrance is also low.

This is the custom of drinking tea in the evening. Do many people drink this white tea with or after dinner in China?

What are the benefits of playing White Tea? Here is the list.

* This tea increases the elasticity of the skin. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. Apart from that, this tea also protects the skin from various bacterial infections. Regular consumption of this tea improves the skin within a month.

* This tea also helps in weight loss. Removes contaminants from the body. The result is rapid weight loss. Drinking one cup of this tea daily can reduce weight in one month.

* This tea benefits the skin as well as the hair. If you drink this tea regularly, the problem of dandruff will decrease in less than a month. Hair roots are also strong.

* People who suffer from diabetes, if they regularly drink a cup of white tea a day, this problem can be reduced. Because white tea controls blood sugar levels.

* This white tea increases the secretion of certain hormones which keep the mind calm. People who drink this tea regularly have lower blood pressure.

• But the biggest quality of this tea, it helps to prevent cancer. It has been found that people who drink this tea regularly have a lower risk of cancer.

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