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The skin is the body’s largest organ and protects the body from any external factors such as abrasive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and bacteria. Therefore, it is important to look after your skin all the time. One of the most common skin problems is eczema, yet many people still seem to find difficulty in finding the most effective treatment. Continue reading to learn more about using effective eczema treatment cream and how to avoid making it worse.

What is Eczema?

The most common symptoms of eczema include red, dry, bumpy, crusting, swelling and extremely itchy skin. It damages the skin barrier function, which is known as the glue of the skin, and this is what makes your skin sensitive and prone to infection and dryness. The most common places for eczema to appear on your skin is your neck, hands, ankles, knees, feet and around your eyes. Up to 15 to 20% of people experience some sort of eczema in their lifetime. There are of course several types of eczema, however, these are the most common symptoms. In addition, if you have asthma or any type of allergies, you are at a greater risk of experiencing eczema. Other causes that have also been found include having a weak immune system, genetic history of family members with eczema, extreme levels of stress, environmental triggers such as exposure to air pollution, tobacco, harsh soaps, low humidity, people who suffer from mental health issues and some skin products.

How can you treat Eczema naturally?

Although there is no clear distinctive cause for Eczema, you often need to look at how to treat it holistically and try to pinpoint triggers such as hypersensitivity, potential allergens, or even stress. One of the most common things to do if you start showing symptoms is to see when they appear. Most people start by eliminating animals or things they have touched to see if the eczema increases or decreases.

Another important thing to do when you start to notice a potential eczema breakout is not to scratch these areas as they can lead to skin infections. In addition, people also eliminate certain foods to see if their eczema originates from the food. Foods that you can include in the elimination process are some types of nuts., eggs, citrus fruits, tomatoes, gluten or wheat, soy, and dairy.

A wonderful way to find relief and improve eczema is also by using specific eczema treatment creams that contain the following: Argan oil, Vitamin A, Triethanolamine, Shea Butter, Chamomile oil, Lanolin, Emulsifying wax, and Colloidal Silver. The ingredients in products have been known to help the barrier of the skin, reduce dryness and ease the itch that occurs when you have certain types of eczema.


The environment, products that you put on your skin, and the food that you consume play a role in eczema. However, genetics and the products that you use to treat eczema also plays a huge role in whether you can worsen or improve the condition of your eczema.

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