Ever Been to Hell?. And Back For Mental Healing. | by Lamario Jones | Jun, 2024

Ever Been to Hell?

And Back for Mental Healing.

During these Covid times I became well acquainted with anxious thoughts. I lost sleep. I lost weight. My self esteem suffered. I became a spectator. Watching from the sidelines. I prayed. And prayed. Back then, it felt like a whole lot of nothing. Only brokenness. Hopelessness Feelings of inadequacy. I was confused and hurting, but He never did leave me nor forsake me. Hallelujah!


I made a commitment to journal daily. Because, I consider myself a natural medicine man, I changed my diet to eat pre - dominantly plant based vegan / pescatarian. I made it top priority to become the most healthy version of myself. I doubled down on my journey of self discovery and healing. Which, lead me to study “ myself “. I was concerned about my lows. I lost my zest for life. I was willing to get help.

It takes time to build trust. And although, it isn’t

in the budget, there’s free resources available to get me started

FYI there’s free crisis hotlines too. One of my new healthy habits involves a daily journal and writing i.e. articles and posts. I’ve recently added a prayer journal. This way I can log my activities, gauge and monitor my attention, intentions and my behavior, and productivity.

Ultimately, I’ve become more compassionate. And empathetic. While, becoming more insightful and thoughtful towards mental healing.

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