Everything that exists and the Universe are ONE | by House of Manifestation | Nov, 2021

Everything that exists and the Universe are ONE

We are always connected to the force of the Universe because the energy of The Universe is everywhere at once, and permeates through all things living or material.

The knowledge of The Universe is infinite and always available to us.

Each soul is part of the Universe’s energy.”

Everything is Situated Within Prana

We experience the Universe mechanically through our knowledge, acquiring faculties as prana moves through the 5 doors of perception (sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste) and creates sensation. So what exactly is this “prana” that enables our experience?

Prana is the Mother, Creator, Destroyer, Maintainer. Everything is situated within prana.

It is the foundation of our existence; more broad than just breath. It is because of prana we are able to move and feel love. When we breathe properly, we feel loved because prana is the Universal Force that spreads to all parts of the body. Prana has the power to do anything and everything.

The more we breathe, the better we can connect with individual prana and thus Universal Prana. We are never without prana. From the second we are born, we breathe and connect with the world around us. When we die we are temporarily without our individual prana until our soul finds its next body; until then, we survive as part of Universal Prana. It is easier to understand this when we see and accept that we are not the center.

Bridge Between Physical and Mental Bodies

The Pranamaya Kosha is the bridge between the physical and mental bodies. It is the medium and form of communication that is individual, collective and Universal. Prana is energetic and non-verbal.

The definition of prana is extremely large; it ranges from the molecular to the Universal level; it is an infinitely strong force with many names. Oftentimes, prana is known as “lifeforce” because without it there is no existence. Prana is everything, inside and outside. It is also known as Vishnu; it exists in everything.

On a physical level, we process prana through the sympathetic (ida) and the parasympathetic (pingala) nervous systems. The sympathetic is trained in fight or flight; it is super hyper-vigilant, and it wants to keep you safe, non-stop. The parasympathetic nervous system wants to relax.

Our sympathetic nervous system is always active; the pace of society today teaches us to rely entirely on this system. Parasympathetic very rarely functions, and this creates imbalance. We want them to be functioning equally, so we practice this through breathwork.

Yogis can be more active in the parasympathetic nervous system which happens when we learn how to control our emotions. Breath is very critical to our psychological health which directly affects our physiology. This is how we can properly balance our connection with individual and Universal prana.

If Each soul is part of the Universe’s energy, and everything is situated within prana —

Your next questions may sound a little something like this….

How do I use prana to feel and understand my part of the Universe’s energy?

-Your breath

Do I have to be a yogi to be more active in properly balancing my connection with individual and Universal prana?

-No! All you need is your breath

Wait! What’s a yogi ?

A yogi is someone who is constantly observing and participating in the transformation that is taking place by knowing the purpose of life from a higher perspective. This allows us to. choose our journey.

We can become more connected by being aware of our entire body; the body gives us signals that indicate the transformation that is taking place and it wants us to listen to the spiritual thoughts that are being created through this transformation. The body can be supportive in our spiritual journey if we listen to it.

Wait! How do I find, use, and connect to my prana — my breath ?

A yogi, or breath-work facilitator can help you connect to your breath. You connect with your breath through pranayama.

The energy in our breath, prana, is a subtle and living quality of the soul. Prana is the elemental means by which to harmonize our mind with the soul, heal the body, and illuminate awareness of a divine, loving, conscious force both within and without. Pranayama is a gateway to a truly embodied presence. As we become more tuned in to this constant companion of breath, we become tuned to our inner self.

  • Do a search within your local area for a yoga studio that offers breath work or pranayama.
  • Research online through YouTube and other media outlets for videos that can assist in guiding you through your practice.
  • If you have Amazon Prime — they have a massive amount of content on their platform that provides guidance on breath work.
  • Personally find a Yogi House of Manifestation) — who holds classes collectively and personally. In-person and online. This personal experience will guide you through your own practice; giving you a deeper connection and hands-on connection, assistance, and personalized guidance that will be tailored just for you! Allowing and holding a sacred space to guide you in exploring your depths of supreme love.

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