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Experience Marble Caves and a Floating Village in Aysen, Chile

The Aysén region is located in southern Chile, south of Puerto Montt in the national parks-rich area of the country. Whether it be a stop on your way down to Patagonia or a destination in itself, this unique region offers plenty of outdoor attractions to discover, many of which can’t be found anywhere else.

January and December are the best months to visit this region since this is when South America experiences its summer season.

Coyhaique is the best starting point for visiting the Marble Chapels, a series of stunning water-carved marble caves on the turquoise Lake General Carrera, the country’s largest lake. Visitors to the lake can take a boat ride through the blue-green caves and awe at the alien-like natural wonder.

Another day trip is Queulat National Park, a stunning landscape of forests, waterfalls, fjords and El Colgante hanging glacier. Visitors can hike throughout the park and marvel at the untouched wildlife and even hike to the hanging glacier, out of which come many stunning waterfalls.

After two days of exploring the natural wonders, it’s time to discover the region’s cultural side. Caleta Tortel is a town located just south of the Lake San Rafael National Park. Built entirely out of wood and above water, the town’s streets are made out of wooden bridges suspended above the water. This town has a close tie with nature, with its history inextricably tied to its coastline and its surrounding forests.

The Aysén region of Chile offers much to be explored and makes for plenty of great pit stops before heading even further south to Patagonia. For more information about an itinerary to this destination, please click here.

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