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Feeling off? Mental Health Declining? | by Margoux Castro | New Writers Welcome | Nov, 2021

Margoux Castro

Here’s a bullet list of things you could do.

“Young man covered in sticky notes, work overload” by Luis Villasmil

Everyone has an off day every once in a while — that’s totally normal. If you have an off day too frequently, though, your mental health might be declining. In some way, I’m making this list for myself, too, not to forget that there are always ways to cheer myself up. I hope this story helps you, too, as you go through the list.

  • Take a nap
  • Have a snack. You’re not you when you’re hungry
  • Give your pets some hugs and lovin’
  • Watch funny pet compilations
  • Randomly dance
  • Sing your favorite songs out loud or do some karaoke
  • Cook your favorite meal
  • Bake your favorite treats. Or your pet’s favorite treats
  • Download a mind-exercising game like 2048.
  • Learn a new language! Or at least try to. My Duolingo streak isn’t doing so well, but I know Mizu means water in Japanese!
  • Learn an instrument
  • Frolic in an open field
  • Play a sport!
  • Get in touch with a friend
  • Get in touch with a friend AND play a sport
  • Take aesthetic pictures of yourself because, baby, you’re gorgeous.
  • Watch a really sad movie and cry your eyes out.
  • Or dress up in thrift store wedding dresses with your friend and then watch a sad movie and cry. Or laugh at a comedy movie. If this idea reminds you of something, it’s totally a Friends’ reference.
  • Shop at thrift stores and buy yourself a new outfit at a low price
  • Go for a walk
  • Or go for a swim
  • Or even just take a shower
  • Grab some boxing gloves and one-two punch the frustration away at a punching bag.
  • Write down your thoughts
  • Hydrate!
  • Do some house cleaning without the pressure of anyone telling you to do so
  • Or do some digital cleaning on your mobile phone or laptop or tablet
  • Go on a spa day. If you’re looking for a unique experience, try Sensory Deprivation Tanks
  • Make some arts and crafts (e.g., printing on a shirt with transfer sheets)
  • Photoshop yourself into Chris Hemsworth’s arms (or your celebrity crush of choice)
  • Doodle/sketch how you feel
  • Put on some Bob Ross and create art with him. If there’s anything that’s relaxing, it’s the combination of Bob Ross’ voice and painting.
Bob Ross meme.

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