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First consultation. Do you remember your first consultation… | by Olga Indelia | Jan, 2024

Do you remember your first consultation with a client? I think yes. I remember how, immediately after graduating from university, I got a job in my specialty at an institute. There it was necessary not only to conduct psychological diagnostics every day, but also to talk with students who, based on the results of this diagnostic, were “at risk.” Plus, my responsibilities included conducting group adaptation classes. The work for a young psychologist is incredibly interesting. Telling a person the diagnostic results for the first time is already scary (what if I say something wrong, what if he asks an additional question, but I don’t know), and what can we say about an individual consultation, it was absolutely space.

It was difficult to call this a full-fledged consultation; rather, it was a preventative conversation. Both scary and interesting at the same time. What saved me was that the team included three professional, experienced specialists who were my mentors and supervisors. I am eternally grateful to them and am still glad that then, almost 15 years ago, I found myself in such a friendly team of true professionals who worked not just for show, but with full dedication. They constantly improved the level of their qualifications and practical skills, and this model of professional development settled and became entrenched in my mind even then.

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I’ll go back to the first consultation. I remember that after its completion, I experienced twofold feelings: on the one hand, I was shaking with excitement, on the other, I was incredibly happy that the real “live” work had finally begun. Even though not everything went smoothly, there was a feeling of satisfaction and a desire to continue along this path. Since the student was a freshman, we met with him several more times on the territory of the institute. Every time I smiled at him “all 32”, asked how he was doing, and he didn’t quite understand my disposition towards him. Later, after graduating from the institute, he wrote to me on social networks that he was convinced that I had secret feelings for him. What can I say, he’s right, but the feelings are a little different from what he thought. These are feelings of joy, gratitude, self-confidence. Every time I saw him, they all resurfaced in me. His image then became a “visual anchor”, which every time informed me that “yes, you can!” Although I do not know the further fate of this man, I thank him very much again for this contribution to my professional growth!

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