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Foods You Should Avoid Pairing With Papaya At All Costs | by Bobsk | Dec, 2023


Foods You Should Never, Ever Pair With Papaya:

Unquestionably one of the healthiest fruits, papayas are known for a plethora of health benefits. However, did you know that this fruit can become hazardous when combined with certain foods? Although it may sound frightening, eating papaya with certain foods and beverages can indeed cause allergic reactions, which can sometimes be fatal.

For what reason is Papaya?:

In addition to being naturally high in vitamin C, papayas also include the active enzyme papain, which promotes better digestion, bowel movement, and nutrient absorption, all of which contribute to improved gut health. However, those who have latex allergies may experience severe allergic reactions if papain contains latex. Furthermore, eating papaya with regular foods can cause nausea, diarrhoea, and even harm the developing foetus in pregnant women.

No green papaya during pregnancy:

It is recommended that pregnant women refrain from consuming green, unripe papaya due to its higher latex content, which can cause contractions and affect the developing foetus.

Thinners of blood:

Papaya contains vitamin K, which can interfere with certain medications. If you take blood thinners or antiplatelet drugs along with papaya, it may cause negative effects. See your doctor before consuming large amounts of papaya.

Foods high in protein:

Certain proteins may be more difficult to digest when papain from papaya is present. Papaya shouldn’t be combined with high-protein foods like meat because some people may experience indigestion.


Yoghurt and papaya combined can cause curdling and upset stomachs, just like milk does. It is preferable to eat them separately.

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