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for skin health. Skin is the biggest armor of the body… | by Prerna Jain | Jul, 2021

Prerna Jain

Skin is the biggest armor of the body. It protects against diseases and infections, regulates body temperature and also helps in taking vitamins. Keeping skin healthy is important for beauty and health, most of us want to know how to keep skin really healthy.

We all want beautiful skin, but it is easier to maintain beautiful skin with the right diet along with our daily skin care regimen than to repair the damage. A dermatologist is needed to repair skin damage. Preventing skin damage is all it takes to stop the complex maze of skincare products and their marketing plans.

As many of us know, sunscreen is essential when it comes to preventing damage to our skin when we are going to have beautiful skin as we age. Whether it is summer or winter, sunny or cloudy; UV rays from the sun always interact with our skin, so we need to protect our skin That’s why we apply sunscreen every day. Many people complain that sunscreen damages their skin, or burns their eyes, so if that’s an excuse for you not to apply sunscreen on a daily basis, you haven’t found the right sunscreen.

When it comes to finding the right skin care products, it is very important to understand what our skin type is. Do you have oily or dry skin? Skin looks dry. Some flakes may be present.? Wrinkles appear quickly. The skin does not look soft and healthy. Sensitive skin versus flexible skin prone to freckles or scars? People who have dry skin try to find out what can be done about it.

No body likes dry or oily skin. What type of skin does your immediate family have? When it comes to finding the best skin care routine it’s often better to ask your family what they do to maintain their skin versus a friend.

If you are using new products, you should only use them for two weeks. If you see some difference in two weeks, continue using the product, if not, move on. Many of us will spend months or even years using products that don’t work for us simply because we like the packaging or the smell. Don’t fall for this marketing ploy, and focus on using products that actually make your skin better without harming it.

Keep your skin looking youthful and healthy by indulging in regular anti aging skin care treatments. A friendly reminder from the FSD team.

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