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Former news producer says Chris Cuomo once touched her improperly – deadline

Update, 7:04 pm PT: Chris Cuomo Hosted him CNN Show Cuomo Prime Time without mentioning a New York Times essay by former producer Sherry Ross. He said she had improperly touched on the 2005 incident. At that time, Cuomo and Ross were working at ABC News.

Cuomo instead took the Arizona election audit, the Gabriel Petit case, and scenery.. The show also segmented the case of the missing person of Daniel Robinson, an African-American man who went missing in Arizona. The focus on the Petito case has sparked media criticism that attention has not been paid to the missing person case, including colored races.

At the end of his show, Cuomo addressed the criticism. “The good news is that Petito’s momentum has made it possible to shed light on us … because we are not America’s most wanted man. We do the job of the missing person. I don’t do much. But the story is crazy and there are many conspiracies, but it’s not the only one that corrects a little wrong and deals with stories about people of similarly uncovered colors. I was able to do it. Hopefully I’ll get similar results. “

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Before: Shelley Ross, a former executive producer of ABC News and CBS News, said CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had sexually harassed and described the 2005 public incident at a colleague’s party.

of Essay published in The New York Times This morning, Ross says he doesn’t want Cuomo to lose his job, but instead wants him to use his power to “make a difference.”

Ross described the moment “crystallized for her” in the events leading up to the former governor. Andrew CuomoResignation after multiple allegations of harassment and an abominable report by the Attorney General of New York. It was revealed that Chris Cuomo advised his brother on his response. The moderator refused to cover his brother on the air, but said: I just wanted to tell you that. “

Ross, former executive producer of Chris Cuomo’s ABC News show Prime time liveExplained that he would enter the Upper West Sidebar. “He walked towards me, greeted me with a strong bear hug, lowering one hand and clenching my buttock cheeks.” She can no longer be her boss, so he can do it. She said she joked.

She said her husband saw the episode, and they both left. Shortly thereafter, Cuomo sent an apology email.

The Times has released a copy of the email. In response, Cuomo told the NYT: “As Sherry admits, our interaction wasn’t sexual in nature. It happened in public 16 years ago when she was a top executive at ABC. , I apologized to her, and I meant that. “

A CNN spokesman mentioned Kuomo’s statement to the Times. When reports of Cuomo’s advice to his brother surfaced in May, the network said he was his brother’s “soundboard,” but “it is not possible to engage in conversations involving members of the governor’s staff, which Chris admits. It was appropriate. “

Cuomo was further criticized in August as Andrew Cuomo resigned following the release of a report from New York Attorney General Letitia James. sexual harassment From 11 women. The report showed that Chris Cuomo provided his brother with a proposed statement of the allegations in February. The New York Times reported that CNN had taken a temporary vacation to Chris Cuomo to formally advise his brother and suggest that he return later, but he continues to air.

Cuomo said on August 16 that he urged his brother to resign, but denied having affected the network’s scandal coverage. “We haven’t misunderstood anyone about the information we provide and the information we don’t,” he said.

CNN has moved Cuomo from the morning hours to a much more noticeable presence during the 2018 golden hours at the show Cuomo prime time. I’m lagging behind cable news rivals — Hannity With fox news Rachel Maddow Show At MSNBC — This is CNN’s highest rated getter.

Ross wrote that Chris Cuomo was “unaccountable” for his role in his brother’s scandal, but another person related to the governor, such as the President of the Human Rights Campaign, was fired and the Times・ The leader of Up has resigned.

“If Mr. Cuomo and CNN’s management don’t think he’s crossed a critical line, it justifies the outcome. I know he’s crossed the line with me.” She writes. In a 2005 email to her, he wrote, “Christian Slater was arrested for similar acts (unlike mine, even with negative intent).” It was a reference to a case in which an actor was charged with three sexual assaults allegedly grabbing a woman’s ass. The accusation was later withdrawn.

Ross also said in 1981 that Roger Ailes worked for NBC and about another incident that happened in her career when he claimed to have a “sexual alliance” or her job to work in the network. I will explain in detail. tomorrow Will be withdrawn.

“I called a lawyer and was worried that it would be the end of my up-and-coming television career,” she wrote. “Surprisingly, Mr. Yale never denied it. He deeply apologized for what he called” middle-aged madness “and persuaded me to accept the job, and we I promised I would never have another problem. I accepted it and simply thought that it could help one predator reform the workplace at a time. Ales continued to lead Fox News, but was forced to resign in 2016 on sexual harassment allegations.

Ross wrote that Cuomo wanted to “stay in CNN forever if he chose,” but she told him, “Repent as a journalist. Sexism, harassment, in the workplace, including himself. I agree with Air to study the effects of gender bias and then report on it. “

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