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Freedom at any age, is everything | by Jenny Brown | Dec, 2021

Freedom at any age, is everything

I started a ‘passion project’ over the pandemic which has reinforced my purpose here on earth. Each week, for a few hours, I offer friendly support to seniors. On Friday, I delivered a 2nd hand, borrowed walker to a 86 year old woman who had fallen, broken her hip and just released from rehab. This may not your idea of freedom; but it was for her. A lifetime of independence made this recovery period difficult as she needed to lean on family. I could see her struggle and defeat. I put this little mission in place to bring a little extra freedom for her while she was recovering.

Her face lit up when I asked her if she would like to try the walker upgrade. This walker offered a easier way to move and a sitting option if she needed it.

She jumped up ready to try this faster model. She beamed and said, “this is fun!”. As much as the walker wheels turned, her freedom restored.

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