Friends for All opens new headquarters on Poplar

Formerly “Friends for Life,” the organization works to prevent HIV and help those who live with it. The new building is focused on adding dignity to those in need.

On Friday, “Friends for All” celebrated the opening of their new headquarters on Poplar Avenue. 

The organizations works to prevent HIV and help those who live with it. CEO Diane Duke said HIV transmission is a symptom of larger issues in the community such as poverty, food scarcity and housing insecurity.

This new building’s focus is to raise the community’s overall health as well as adding dignity to lives of those who need their services. 

“We’re now number two in the nation of transmissions of HIV, and that’s just not good enough for us,” Duke said. “We really need to work hard to make sure that we address those issues.”

Friends for all is expanding their programs and services to non-HIV patients who may be at risk of contracting the virus.

Some of the activities the organization is offering at this new campus include cooking and meal prep classes where guests can learn how to cook the food they are getting from the pantry services.

Fitness and dance classes are reportedly will also be offered as well as a behavioral health wing for addiction and mental health services. 

Services for treating HIV immediately after testing positive are also said to be included as the organization states they hope to provide full primary care service in house in the near future.

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