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From weight loss to better skin – what happens to your body when you give up booze – The Sun

It’s that time of year, when many go teetotal for Sober Oct.

It involves quitting alcohol for 31 days to raise money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer.

 Ditching alcohol can have a hugely positive impact on your health


You can make a significant improvement in your health by quitting alcohol

If you have decided to quit drinking alcohol for the next 4 weeks, you might be wondering what the impact will be on your body.

You will be able to save your bank balance and your health by cutting down on your weekly tipples.

You will see a difference in your skin, liver function, blood pressure, sleeping patterns, and weight loss by quitting alcohol.

This article examines exactly what happens in your body over the course a month if you quit drinking.

Week 1

Sleep better

A week without alcohol will make you feel more energetic and less tired.

This is because alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle and causes you to miss important rapid eye movement or REM sleep.

According to experts, The Priory GroupAlthough you are supposed to get six to seven cycles per night of REM, you may only get one or two if your drinking has been heavy.

You can avoid alcohol consumption and receive an additional five to six REM cycles per night.

You will also be more productive, more efficient at learning and better at problem solving when you have a better sleep.

Stay hydrated!

Everybody knows the horrible feeling of feeling completely dehydrated after drinking too much alcohol.

Because you drink alcohol, your body loses approximately four times the liquid it actually contains.

The headaches are caused by your brain’s water loss.

You can cut down on alcohol consumption, which is a huge benefit for your brain.

Your mood, concentration and headache frequency will improve.

Week 2

No more acid reflux

After a fortnight of no alcohol, you will notice a reduction in the symptoms of reflux. This is where stomach acid burns your throat.

Weight loss

You might not realize it, but alcohol can sneakily increase your daily calorie intake.

One pint of beer may have an average of 208 calories. A glass of wine might have 83 calories.

After a long night of drinking heavy, many people reach for pizza or kebab to eat. This will make their calorie intake even higher.

Eliminating alcohol means you’ll eat less unhealthy food and drink, which will lead to weight loss.

Numerous people have witnessed a dramatic transformation in their bodies by going teetotal, including the two above.

Week three

Blood pressure falls

Your blood pressure will slowly drop if you stop drinking.

Lowering blood pressure is a key step to reducing the risk of developing health problems in the future, including Type 2 Diabetes.

Alcoholism can cause alcoholic cardiomyopathy (ACM) in severe cases. This causes the heart to swell, and the body to lose its ability to pump blood around.

Reduce your alcohol intake to reduce the chance of it happening and also improve your heart health.

Week four

Better looking skin

Your skin will be healthier if you stop drinking alcohol.

If you give in to the temptation to “break the seal”In the pub, you are actually putting your skin on strain.

Susanna Reid, TV presenter, gave up alcohol after realizing how damaging alcohol was to her skin.

She said: “I gave up because a doctor told me to. Because my skin was flaky, I started getting flare-ups and blemishes. They were also leaving red scars.

“I’d tried all manner of creams and washes, but I knew deep down that what was happening to my skin was probably a manifestation of what I was putting into my body.”

Improved liver function

You will notice a dramatic improvement in your liver function if you eliminate alcohol from the diet for at least a month.

Because the liver is an integral part of over 500 processes, it will allow your body to convert nutrients from food, store vitamins and minerals, and eliminate contaminants.

Don’t wait! Get sober for October

A spokesman for Drink responsiblyCentral Recorder Online: “Weight loss, brighter skin, and other short-term benefits of cutting back are some of the short-term benefits to doing so.

It also has been shown to improve sleep quality, so people are less tired, less irritable, and more able to focus.

“Those who drink to relieve stress can reduce alcohol intake and have a positive impact on their mental health and well being.

“However, people shouldn’t think that cutting back or having a break from alcohol for a short while means that it’s OK to drink to excess over the rest of the year.”

Drinkaware recommends that you only drink 14 units per week if alcohol is still ingesting. That’s six pints of beer and six glasses each of wine.

It is also stated that drinkers should not’save’ their units and consume them all at once, but spread them out over the course of the week.

How alcohol can cause liver damage and increase the risk of death early in life

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