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Frozen Food: Is it A Healthy Diet Option? | by Georges Chahwan | Sep, 2021

Georges Chahwan

Frozen food can be detrimental to your health because you are more likely to gain weight and accumulate fat. One possible reason for this is the increased glycemic index (GI) that frozen foods have, which means that they will spike blood sugar levels, says Georges Chahwn. A study found that frozen meals had a higher GI than homemade diets, making them more unhealthy than their fresh counterparts. Furthermore, many people do not realize just how much salt is in some frozen items, since it’s difficult to taste when mixed with other flavors like butter or spices.

Besides gaining weight, you may also increase your risk for heart disease by choosing these types of foods over their fresher counterparts. In a study conducted with middle-aged adults, those who ate more frozen vegetables had an increased risk of heart disease. This study also found that the most important predictor for eating frozen veggies is having a higher income.

With a few exceptions, it can be concluded that these foods are detrimental to your health because they may cause you to gain weight and accumulate fat as well as increase your risk for heart disease, adds Georges Chahwan. It is best to make an effort and cook simple meals at home if you want to maintain good health.

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