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Fundraising for natural disasters | by Swara Prabhu | Nov, 2021

Fundraising for natural disasters

Natural disasters are very difficult to plan for and can happen to anyone without prior warning. When natural disasters strike, several charitable organizations, NGOs and crowdfunding platforms spring up to action with a single purpose; to conduct fundraising events and gather some form of support for the affected public. 68% of India’s land is prone to drought, 60% to earthquakes, 12% to floods and 8% to cyclones, making India one of the most disaster-prone countries, affecting 85% of our land.

There’s a lot that we don’t understand or cannot determine about mother nature. Natural disasters are one such issue that we probably cannot anticipate from happening but we can always help the ones who have been affected. Millions lost their lives, their homes, their families because of the horrors of a natural disaster. You can start raising funds online for such families and the victims of these natural disasters.

Most people will feel concerned and united to support such causes. In the past, sourcing funds following natural disasters involved receiving mailed checks and donations from fundraising events. Today, modern technology makes it easy to exploit various roads and getting donations is no longer a daunting procedure.

Fundraisers can take advantage of social media, donation kiosks, and text-to-give opportunities to collect more and reduce the efforts involved. Unfortunately, modern technology has also exposed many frauds who seek to exploit naive customers and the public by publishing scam fundraising stories.

Recently, On 21st October 2021, more than 30 people have been killed after heavy rain triggered floods and landslides in southern India. Thousands of people have been evacuated to more than 150 relief camps across the state, according to the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority. Home to more than 33 million people, Kerala regularly experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon months from late May to September. However, flash flooding and landslides have become more common and severe in the state in recent years.

Many organisations have come forward and are helping in providing relief to the locals affected by these floods:

Read more and support the cause:(

Crowdfunding is helping to transform how aid organizations can raise much-needed relief funds. A crowdfunding campaign can be organized quickly, and its basic setup makes the donation process fast, simple and convenient. Furthermore, many crowdfunding sites highlight how donations will be used, which provides an element of transparency that often prompts additional donations. When it comes to gathering relief funds quickly and efficiently, crowdfunding is one of the best resources available to relief organizations.

The government is no longer individually responsible for all disaster aid efforts after a natural disaster occurs. There are now organizations/NGOs that use crowdfunding to reach out to locals affected for donations to fund their work. Disaster relief is the handling, management and control of disaster recovery efforts. These events can take place after a natural disaster has taken place or been predicted to happen.

-Collect the fundraising amount before the disaster and store it. Use these stored funds to help those who are affected by these unpredicted disasters. This can be useful for a long term and an emergency basis.

-The idea of hosting an event for the affected by natural disasters is seemingly one of the obvious ways to gather funds. In such events, people can physically correlate to the loss that has changed people’s lives due to the natural disaster.

-Pairing up with local businesses/ NGOs/ crowdfunding platforms can help the victims to collect donations for their survival. Also, local organisations can be very protective of their own local situations/people, which can be a plus point for getting donations. Local groups can provide instant aid for things like shelter and food.

-The young generation is active in social media, it provides to a wide range of populations who are eager to know news from every corner of the world. Social media is always active and gives the affected victims a chance to tell their stories directly to people. It can be used to spread the word about your fundraiser via social networks to have massive fundraising for your cause.

-Fundraising with Filaantro: Filaantro is a crowdfunding platform where the team partners with local NGOs in these disaster situations and helps the locals who are affected.

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