Future of Christmas: A case of car crash in 2050 | by Chris Ng | Towards cure | Dec, 2021

Chris Ng

On a Christmas eve in 2050, Gemma and Will, a young couple, sustained a car crash by a faulty automated car at night after watching the Christmas lights. They presented with C-spine injury, severe trauma to the trunks and limbs, and profuse bleeding. The A&E team arrived shortly, quickly managed their airway, breathing, and circulation, and sent them to the hospital.

In the ambulance, the couple was in coma, hypotensive shock, and respiratory failure. The AI paramedic robot then made a quick automated diagnosis which revealed the following message:

“Trunk, upper limb, and lower limb not salvageable. Spinal cord injury @ C7. Recommend truncal bionic replacement of C6/C7 and below.”

The AI paramedic quickly performed a whole-body CT scan, which revealed no head injuries in both couples. As the couple did not have advanced derivatives against bionic replacement, the AI paramedic quickly reconstructed a computer model of their bodies and sent the data to the hospital’s Bionics Lab to manufacture the bionics model.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the couple was immediately sent to the operating theatre for emergency truncal bionic replacement. After administering general anaesthesia by the anaesthesia robot, the on-call head and neck surgeons and neurosurgeons arrived. They first connected a life-support machine to the common carotid artery, internal jugular vein, and vertebral vessels which provides oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to the structures in the head and neck. They then decapitated their heads slowly through a semi-autonomous surgical robot, transecting the arteries, veins, nerves, spinal cord, trachea, oesophagus, and other structures carefully. When the freshly manufactured bionic trunk arrives, the surgeons used the surgical robot to connect the transacted neck structures to the bionic trunk, giving the couple new bodies that look like their old, if not more gorgeous. The surgery was uneventful. Plastic surgeon then arrived and treated some minor abrasions on their face

The clock reached 00:00 and soon the couple woke up.

Gemma: (Mourning) What happened? Am I alive?

Will: (Confused) I don’t know. Where are we?

Gemma: (Looked around) Looks like … … the hospital?

Will: Hmm, maybe. (Tried to move his arms and legs) My arms are moving, legs are moving …

Gemma: Do you want me to perform a neurological examination on you? (Chuckled, then touched her abdomen) Wait … why am I getting slimmer! And my curves feel like … wow!

Will: Oh gosh I can feel my rectus abdominis! OOH It’s so big and firm!!! What is going on? Am I dreaming?

The consultant neurosurgeon came in.

Neurosurgeon: (Smiles) Hello there! Hope that you are feeling well today after everything that has happened to you two. Can you recall what happened?

(Will and Gemma looked at each other)

Gemma: (Hesitated) I think we were watching the Christmas lights and …

Will: (Interrupted) A car suddenly ran over us?

Neurosurgeon: Yes. Unfortunately, you two were suffering from the Traumatic Unsalvageable Trunk Syndrome which we had to replace your body up to C6/C7 level through bionics.

Will: That means everything below my neck is… robotic? I can’t believe it! Everything feels so natural except that… my arms are a bit clumsy? (Appeared shocked)

Neurosurgeon: Yes indeed. And all your organs below C6/C7 level are artificial. You will need some time to do rehabilitation but otherwise, you should feel natural with the latest bionics technology.

Gemma: But I want to ask, can we, I mean, I … still… um… have babies?

Neurosurgeon: Yes! Fortunately, we were able to harvest some of your cells in your ovaries and (looked at Will) testes, so you two should be able to have babies in the future. For those who have traumatic ovaries or testes, we can extract your DNAs to build artificial eggs and sperms for artificial fertilisation. You two should have a pretty good recovery given that you have good past health and minimal head injuries.

Gemma: Right, I see (felt relieved). Thank you (smiled).

Neurosurgeon: I’ll leave you with the user manual of your new body here, (handed them a tablet) and now you two can go home.

Both: (Shocked) What?

Neurosurgeon: Your new body will monitor your signs, so we don’t need to keep you two here. Go home and have a happy Christmas!

Both: (Looked at each other, appeared stunned) Ok… thank you! Merry Christmas!

They then took a bit of time to digest this new piece of information, then soon after that they hugged each other with tears, got out of their beds, and left the hospital. Artificial snow was falling on the warm Christmas, and they never stopped holding each other’s hands as they walked to the taxi stand.

(But they didn’t realise that they were carrying some of the world’s most dangerous weapons from now on… their bodies.)

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