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Get Your Skincare Back On Track After Diwali Celebration


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With celebrations being the order of the day for this week, skincare might find itself at the end of our to-do list but who’s complaining? After almost two years, we can get together and celebrate without worrying too much. However, it’s this time of the year that demands the most in terms of taking care of our skin.

Here’s what can hamper the health of the skin during festivals – increased intake of sugar, pollution in the air, excess use of makeup and touch-ups, less water intake due to hectic schedules, and mismanaged meal times due to celebrations. If you can control or minimise these, the impact on the skin will be lesser but it’s also a once-in-a-year affair and we wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun. While your festive looks are all in place, let’s learn how to get back on track after the celebrations to keep your skin health in check.

Re-hydrate Yourself: Drinking lots of fluids and at regular intervals is as important as any other step in the process. It helps in cleansing out the gut and adds to the suppleness of the skin. Water, fresh fruit juices, herbal teas, and detox water can help flush out the toxins. Avoid caffeine and green teas as these may dry out the skin.

Rehydrate The Skin: Well the choices for this step for all of us are as personal as it gets. As the chill in the air increases, make use of moisturising products and ingredients to help restore skin moisture that may have been lost due to increased levels of pollution and makeup products. Also, it’s important to note that rehydration means taking care of the body, hands, and feet too. Use body butter, hand and foot cream to prevent dryness.


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Reclaim Your Skincare Routine: Returning to your daily rituals is a necessity post celebrations. Make sure you get back to your AM-PM routine. If your routine needs a switch for the winter season, include moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid in your daily routine and layer with moisturiser and SPF. Even if you use two products, it’s important to get back to the routine. PS: Don’t miss your under-eye cream!

Cutting Down On Sugar: Sugar, in all forms, has a lasting impact on the skin and overall health. While you may have celebrated with your favourite sugary delights and delicacies, it would be wise to lay off this ‘sinful’ indulgence for some time after the event. Try to find an alternative if you cannot stay away from sweets, jaggery and honey are two healthier options as compared to refined sugar.

Stay Off Alcohol For A While: Consider it part of the cleansing process. Alcohol does leave an impact on the skin as it dehydrates the body, making the skin dry and flaky. Go for a two-week cleanse after the event, stay away from alcoholic and acidic beverages. To deal with dry skin, gently exfoliate and layer with hydrating serums and moisturisers.

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