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Ghost. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve… | by Pluie Blanche | Oct, 2021

Pluie Blanche

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve felt invisible. I would talk and my words seemed to pass right through everyone; though I didn’t talk much. As I got older I stopped bothering. At school no one noticed me. The other kids didn’t know my name. The teacher never noticed when I was gone. I dropped out when I was 15. I was relieved but I felt so isolated at the same time.

I wonder if anyone wonders what happened to me. Do I cross their minds occasionally? Do I slip into conversation here and there? Probably not but it’s fun to pretend.

I dream for the day I can leave the country and change my name, be who I want to be. Right now I’m caught in the buffer zone of getting better. But I know I’m meant for big things in this life time. Healing is just the start line.

Maybe I’ll always be a ghost but I won’t always be invisible like when I was a kid. I’ll make sure people listen this time. Even if it takes a few tries.

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