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Ginger candies have made me believe that ginger is tasty! | by Nipa Ghoshal | Sep, 2021

Ginger candies have made me believe that ginger is tasty!

I have asked so many people that what is the best way to eat ginger? Most of the people told me that they drink ginger tea. But honestly, I don’t like that. On the other hand, I knew that ginger had so many health benefits and I was not ready to leave those. Then ginger candy came to my rescue.

What is ginger candy

It is actually a candy made of ginger and sugar syrup. I just love eating these as they have a unique taste and flavour that is mouth-watering. The best part is, this candy has all the health benefits of ginger. I can’t help myself from eating one whenever the jar comes in my sight.

The recipe is so easy. See the full recipe.

So, as I said, sweet ginger candies have all the health benefits of ginger, let’s check out the health benefits of ginger at a glance.

  • 1. Ginger is really helpful in nausea and morning sickness, especially in the pregnancy period.
  • 2. Previously, some studies have shown that ginger can help with obesity and other weight-related issues.
  • 3. Ginger can help you with Osteoarthritis.
  • 6. Ginger is good for heart health as it lowers blood sugar levels.
  • 7. Ginger helps to fight indigestion.
  • 8. Ginger is effective in fighting menstrual pain.
  • 9. It decreases the bad cholesterol in our body.
  • 10. Gingerol is an element that is found in raw ginger and it helps to fight some types of cancer, especially colorectal cancer.
  • 11. Ginger boosts brain functions and helps your brain to work better. It can also help to fight some mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.
  • 12. It helps to stop some bacterial growth such as Salmonella and helps to prevent infection.

Why ginger candy is my favourite?

I personally don’t love the taste of ginger and when it is cooked, automatically its nutrition values get down. On the other hand, ginger candy is something that has a unique taste with all the nutrition value of ginger.

How many ginger candies someone can have per day?

I eat 4-5 per day as too much ginger consumption can reflect some side effects. But if there were no side effects, I am sure that I would have 20 of these candies per day.

Can ginger candies help to reduce weight?

Ginger candies have all the benefits of ginger but when it comes to weight loss, it is complex. Ginger is a proven natural remedy for weight loss but in ginger candy, this quality reduces as these candies are quoted in sugar syrup. It will not help you so much to lose weight, but it will not increase it either.

What is the best result I got from the sweet ginger candies?

The best result was with my digestive system. I have no problem admitting that I had a problematic digestive system and often I felt pain in my upper abdominal area. I have started eating the candies (4-5 each day) before 5 months and now I can feel that the system has improved a bit. Now I can feel the pain very rarely. Ginger is the reason behind it. Besides that, I have felt a difference during my menstrual days as I am not getting much pain like before.

Do you also love ginger candies? if yes, please let me know. Link is provided for the recipe. If you have any other recipes, also let me know that.


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