Goats, guts and goodness.. I’ve recently discovered kefir. To be… | by Andrew Robert | Oct, 2021

Andrew Robert
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I’ve recently discovered kefir. To be more precise, goat’s milk kefir. Apparently it’s the source of all the good bacteria in the gut (a probiotic) and apparently this is the rocket fuel variety.

Like so many people, I’ve battled over time with a skin condition which I manage with creams and bath emollients and healthy eating etc. It mostly works but every so often doesn’t. So when a friend recommended that I tried sorting my gut out I was very sceptical. What on earth has my gut got to do with my skin? Well it turns out, rather a lot actually. Apparently the skin is a map for what’s going on in the gut; I didn’t like the contours mine was producing so it was time to take a good look inside. Bring on the kefir!

It led me on to thinking about the way in which this insideout approach to dealing with problems in life is so effective. Like my skin management regime, If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. (Mark Twain). It’s so true! (and so painfully obvious). Our coping strategies are deeply ingrained and whilst they sort of work most of the time, often there are far better ways to be found if we are open to doing things differently and listening to advice (however goatish it may be!).

Here’s where the coach (or guide) comes in. Not a know-it-all who has all the answers (they’re annoying) but someone who can help us to see the same thing from a new angle, which might enable us to find better ways of doing things and experience the same kind of goodness in our lives that I’ve discovered through goat’s milk kefir (never thought I’d ever include these 3 words in a sentence).

Unashamedly, I end this Thursday ponder with a shout out to the gut health experts @Chuckling Goat. What a life-changing new habit to have been guided towards. Thanks, too, Lisa!

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