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Good Night. It’s been a long day and here I am… | by Anonymous Account | Oct, 2021

Anonymous Account

It’s been a long day and here I am, lying in bed, a little too warm for comfort. I keep forgetting that I’m lactose intolerant and I feel the pizza I had earlier settling in my stomach like hot lead.

Today was a good day — I went to my job, I bought a new bag at Goodwill. I said no to a jacket I thought I wanted — the correct choice, I might add. I got an iced tea and a cookie at a local coffee shop and wrote. When I got home I did a little workout.

Then came the pizza. I’ve been debating it for a few days now, and finally decided to go for it. It isn’t something I eat on the regular. What wards me off is usually the cost and remembering how the cheese and dough sit in my stomach for hours afterward.

Tomorrow I’m going to do it all again. But this time I’m going to go to the store before I go to my job and buy some fruit. I can eat it on my way to the gym. I’ll do store > job > gym > write. Or maybe store > job > write > gym.

My insurance payout went through. Just in time. Crazy how things have worked out for me these last few months. Sometimes it feels like things are kinda-sorta falling into place.

A friend of mine lost her granddad yesterday. He lived in India and he died, was cremated, and returned in less than ten hours. I almost said something to the effect of, “wow that was fast” but I thought I’d save it for another day. I might invite her to paint some ceramics this weekend.

And the quest for work continues. Tonight the goal is to meditate on what to write about, and tomorrow the goal is to get 4,000 words out about a story so I can submit it to maybe be published in a science fiction or fantasy magazine. I’m going to do three a week. We’ll see how it goes.

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