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Good source of unsaturated fat for the body | by Tiaphealthy | Oct, 2021


Fat is a type of nutrient like protein and carbohydrates, our body really needs fat for energy, to absorb vitamins, and to protect the health of our heart and brain. For years we have been told that eating fat will add some weight, raise cholesterol, and cause various health problems. But now we know that not all fats are the same, there are healthy fats (unsaturated fats) and there are also “bad” fats. Here I give some food sources that have healthy fats. Read to the end yes!.

Benefits of unsaturated fats for the body

Unsaturated fats have many benefits for the human body, the benefits are:
1. Lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.
2. Lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels, while increasing good HDL.
3. Prevent abnormal heart rhythms.
4. Lowers triglycerides associated with heart disease and fights inflammation.
5. Lowers blood pressure.
6. Prevent atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of blood vessels).
Adding more of these healthy fats to your diet can also help make you all feel more satisfied after eating, reduce hunger, and thus promote weight loss. What are the sources of unsaturated fat? Here are some sources of unsaturated fats:


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