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Greenpeace protest: Giant inflatable owl at Rideau Hall calls on Trudeau to pass nature law

It is difficult to ignore the giant inflated owl in front of the main entrance gates to Rideau Hall, outside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s current residence.

Greenpeace Canada inflated the 20-feet tall owl on Sussex Drive on Wednesday, saying it is to remind Trudeau of the Liberal government’s commitment to protect the environment through passing a new nature law.

“The activity kicked off the countdown to the next Convention on Biological Diversity negotiations (Nature COP 16), scheduled for this coming October,” said the organization in a media release.

“The giant inflatable of the wild spotted owl, whose population has dwindled to one single female, serves as a symbol of the current nature crisis and a poignant reminder of the urgent need for new biodiversity legislation.”

Greenpeace Canada says the Liberal government should do more when it comes to nature protection.

According to the organization, Trudeau’s government has failed to meet its international nature commitments, “despite having hosted the biggest biodiversity summit of the decade resulting in the ‘historic’ Kunming-Montreal agreement and promising new nature legislation.”

Greenpeace Canada, along with other environmental organizations, have been advocating for a new biodiversity law to preserve and tackle the nature crisis in Canada and globally for almost two years now, according to the release.

“This legislation must ensure the government’s accountability and transparency, center the rights of Indigenous Peoples and restore access to nature for all,” Greenpeace said.

The organization adds over 60,000 Canadians have already signed Greenpeace Canada’s petition asking for the law to be passed, and seven in ten people declared their support for this legislation.

CTV News Ottawa has reached out to the RCMP for comments.

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