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Hate your Body Shape?. Then this post is for you😊 | by Prince ravindra | Oct, 2021

Prince ravindra

Then this post is for you😊

Hai Frends

Most of the people are very lazy in today’s world to maintain fitness…

Because of someone says No time!

Nd someone says We can’t maintain fitness
Such statements were used instead of trying…

Okay that’s Fine.

Once remove your shirt nd check your body shape in the mirror..

How you feel?

Might be you Hate when you seen your body shape right?

Now a days few teenagers are working to shape their body by using different platforms like instagram nd YouTube .

They are maintaining such a great fitness nd Healthy life .

Before you hit 30 just follow some diet nd maintain a schedule atleast 30 min per day to fit nd healthy.

Because after thirty there is a chance to give up on consistent workouts nd fitness.

But no problem if you once dream it you can do it. It’s all depends upon your mindset nd consistent of doing it.

Here are some tips to follow the schedule

1.Jog 10min
2.Pushups 10

3.jumping jacks 30 sec
4.Sit ups 15–30
5.Body stretches 10 min
6.Skipping 5 min
7.Meditation 5 min

Follow these schedule 6 days per week
You can get Fit.

Moreover not only by doing exercises you get fit take Healthy Food diet

Healthy foods are
1.Green Gram nd black Grams
2.Vegetable nd Curry leafs


5.Dryfruits nd Nuts

6.Wheat nd maize
7.Milk nd Juice nd Sufficient water

8.Eggs nd Fish

These are the Healthy nd vitamins quality food which keeps us Healthy nd Fit.

No one can makes us Fit nd Healthy

Your Health is in your Hands protect it carefully.

Hope this post brings value 🤝

Thanks for Reading 🤝

Fitness nd Healthy ✍️

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