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Have Hyposmia? Researchers Want to Hear From You. | by Barb Dalton | The Daily Cuppa | Jan, 2024

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Our sense of smell is often one of those underrated and unappreciated senses — until you lose the ability to distinguish or even notice different odours.

Without our olfactory nerves sending messages to our brain, we would fail to detect pleasurable moments, such as the sweet fragrance of flowers, perfume or bread baking. We would also disregard vile odours like body sweat, skunk, cigarettes and rotten eggs.

Our ability to detect and decipher smells protects us. Whiff smoke? You investigate and [possibly] run. Sense the piece of meat you’re about to eat stinks? You chuck it in the garbage instead.

Recent research suggests that the loss of smell may be a risk factor linked to Parkinsons’ disease. The Michael J. Fox Foundation is participating in studies to confirm if there is a connection.

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