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HAVE YOU CHECKED UP ON YOURSELF TODAY ? | by Javene’Shadero | Sep, 2021


It is important to put yourself first, learn to forgive yourself and to love yourself unconditionally.

It might be hard on some days to do so, I understand. We want to be the best version of ourselves but maybe life is getting in the way. For instance:

You might not have the perfect job

You’re financially unstable

Significant relationships has broken down

All of these things can have an impact on the way one view themselves; especially if you suppress the way how you feel.

How do you check up on yourself ?

Checking upon yourself is just like having that impulse to find out how your friends are doing, especially if you know they’ve been having a rough time due to life events.

Maybe you are able to apply the same rules to yourself, This requires a lot of honesty and openness in order to dismantle what are your positive and toxic traits.

10 Tips on how to check up on yourself:

1) Admitting to yourself that you’re not ok. This will help you to stop and to take a break for yourself and for your own sanity. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you’re not ok. Even if you’re always the strong and supporting friend its important for you to be able to open up to other people as well. Sometime we just need a listening ear; not necessarily for the person to comment but for your voice to be heard.

2) Reflection. Reflecting on how you feel and what triggered you to feel this way is important as well. Essentially it’s all about how you cope with your emotions. Find a positive way to deal with whatever it is that you’re going through, and remember that there’s no shame in crying, sometimes we just need to cry.

3) Don’t push your emotions to the side. That doesn’t mean you should have a raging temper. Just be more aware of how you’re feeling and what or who has made you felt this way. Be more vocal about how someone has made you feel.

4) Self-discipline . Reflecting on oneself might make you realise your toxic traits and how you have allowed it to affect your life. For example, you’re financially unstable but you still go clubbing every weekend. Learn to discipline your toxic traits; whether it is to do with how you treat people or how you handle your money. But remember; everything start with a thought. Learn to control your thoughts, for example; discipline yourself on how you view yourself, try not to think negative about yourself especially if it’s not beneficial, even if you do, limit the time you choose to give to that thought.

5) Comfortable alone. I think a lot of people constantly search for companionship, but in doing so they tend to lose themselves. Being alone is an integral part of your self-discovery journey. I don’t mean you should be alone in a sense that you “ghost” everybody and lock yourself away in your room. Go out. Do things you usually wouldn’t do alone.

6) STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF. We all have imperfections but I’m here to tell you to stop beating yourself up if something doesn’t work out in the way that you anticipated. Experiences – both the good and the bad are there for you to learn from. Learn to see a positive when negative situations arise.

7) Pray. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Offloading your troubles unto the most high helps.

8) Affirmations. The golden rule of law of attraction. This could simply be done by saying “I know today wasn’t a good day for me but tomorrow will be a better day” and actually believing in yourself that tomorrow will be that better day.

9) Don’t dwell on the past. If you can’t change it then what good is it doing you by thinking about it ?

10) Forgiveness. A lot of people have this misconception that forgiveness is all about the other person, but I’m here to tell you that forgiveness is about YOU. Forgive yourself for how you allow other people to treat you, whether it is to do with a relationship, work-life or friendships.

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