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Welcome. Today we will address five common problems that many people around us face on a daily basis. These problems are often overlooked, I look at the problems of someone I know and how I can make a change in their life. Let’s explore these issues and discover practical solutions to improve both our lives and the lives of those around us.

The Problem:

In today’s digital age, many people lead sedentary lifestyles, spending long hours sitting at desks, commuting, or relaxing with screens. This lack of physical activity can lead to various health issues, including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and musculoskeletal problems.

My brother was always a very athletic person, when he was a child, but when he turned 14, he had a very drastic change, and he never played any sport, he only played x box but the drastic change affected his body completely, his body bones became very fragile, then he had to go back to exercise, but it was not the same, more tired and more difficult, he regrets a lot to have stopped exercising, but now he has a very good routine and he got out of his comfort zone. Now he has a very good health but all these results are due to the fact that he had to make a big change.

The Problem:

Mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, are prevalent, yet there’s still a significant stigma surrounding seeking help. This can prevent individuals from getting the support they need.

My aunt had a very hard childhood, really living in a very low economic situation, no help from her parents, her grandmother took care of her far away from any big city, several years ago. She got pregnant very young and had 4 children at 25, she had several anger issues and we all noticed, she divorced a few years ago and went far away from her ex husband, after a few years, she started to change but she was still very afraid of the psychologist, and when we told her to go, she would explode with anger, but little by little with time she changed and her son took her to the psychologist.

After making that big change in her life and leaving her fear behind, she understands that her childhood was not normal and how she can improve as a person.

The Problem:

Busy lifestyles often lead to unhealthy eating habits, such as consuming fast food, skipping meals, or not eating a balanced diet. This can result in nutrient deficiencies, weight gain, and various health problems.

In this story I speak personally, at the age of 10, my parents separated and I had to leave my paternal grandparents’ house where I lived all my life, but I was starting my pre-adolescence and my mother was never at home, only a lady who helped us and my 5 year old sister. Although normally the lady made lunch and left us alone, that made me enter with a great anxiety and I hated my school. I always ate so bad because of so much anxiety that I had to eat, feeling very bad about my appearance and having several gastrointestinal problems made me gain a lot of weight.

At one point my mother realized my problem, she talked to me and even though I refused I agreed to go to a doctor, where she could understand the importance of loving my body and how I should treat my fat problems, after that I went on a diet, my mother stopped working and I was able to lose weight in a healthy way.

The Problem:

Many people suffer from sleep deprivation due to stress, long working hours, or excessive screen time. Poor sleep quality can affect physical health, mental well-being, and overall productivity.

In this case I will talk about a friend of my mother’s, she always suffered from insomnia and could only sleep with pills, that was very bad for her.

She underwent several treatments, she had to be awake at 4 am and sleep at 11 pm, it made no sense, the doctor told her, until she saw her health really deteriorate, and decided to change jobs, she felt a complete improvement in her emotions. who didn’t scream or get so angry because of lack of sleep

The Problem:

Social isolation can affect people of all ages, leading to feelings of loneliness and contributing to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

My best friend doesn’t like being with so many people around, it makes her panic and she hates it. Because of her mother’s obligation, she had to go to a psychologist and she never made any progress since she never wanted to see the good side. Years passed and she wants to study the market but for this she must at least talk to people, she voluntarily went to a psychologist and now she can talk to 6 people without being afraid.

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