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healthy foods to lose weight/weight lose fast. | by Zeeshanusman | Jan, 2022


How to Lose Weight Fast

People are often fascinated by the idea of losing weight fast, as a result of either curiosity or an attempt to find something better than the standard diet for weight loss. But there is a catch: it’s not all that easy.

A couple of years ago, I was teaching a class on marketing, and one of the students asked me a very common question. It turns out that she was interested in finding out why so many people have problems losing weight and I had this to say on behalf of the scientific community: “I don’t know. I wish I did.”

She had some insight into what others would call a “healthier” diet, but she didn’t know why people thought it was healthier or why they were doing it this way. The same could be said about dieting and lots of other things we do in our quest to get back into shape (and for some reason we seem to think that just because we don’t want to look like one of these guys does it make us any less healthy!).

One thing we do know is that if you want something different from what everyone else is doing then you will need to be willing to change your habits, habits which might not be easy or pleasant at first, but which will provide the benefits you seek. That’s one thing that has always been true: innovation requires risk-taking; experimentation; and sacrifice (we can even see this in our dreams).

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