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Healthy Salad Recipes You Must Try! | by Leena Torres | Sep, 2021

Leena Torres

Salads have many labels. Some of them include tasteless, healthy but boring, bland, nerd food, etc. Okay, fine. But you know what else can your salads be? They can be crunchy, flavorful, satiating, and so much more. You don’t like salads right now because you are doing it all wrong. No no, this is not a personal attack. In fact, it’s an offering of help from a former salad hater. You hate salad now. But let’s see what we can do to change that without you having to compromise with taste or making your palates feel like they are being tortured.

So, I bring you some salad recipe suggestions that are going to be revolutionary for you. You are going to realize that you have not been making your salads. You are about to have a life-changing culinary epiphany. Enough talking. Let’s get into it.

  1. Mixed Beans Salad Recipe

The mixed beans salad recipe is simple, loaded with greens and protein. It makes for a perfect Indian salad. You can have just the salad or have it as a side salad with your sabzi and roti, it works best in both ways. It’s made with red beans and chickpeas or otherwise knowns as rajma and chhole. We Indians love our rajma and chhole. If you are not so used to having them with salad instead of floating in buttery gravy, then you must give this recipe a shot because it’s definitely going to change your opinion.

2. Pasta Salad

We love pasta, don’t we? Penne, ravioli, calamarata, spaghetti, we love them in all shapes and sizes. So it’s given that when you make a pasta salad it is bound to be a solid 10. A pasta salad can be as diverse as you want it to be. So here’s your chance to make a salad and name it after you. That’s how diverse you can be with this salad.

3. Sweet Pepper Panzanella

Bell peppers are beautiful-looking tasty vegetables. You have got to make the best of them. They taste a little sweet which means there’s a lot of room for your add spices and give your salad a tangy taste. Roast your bell peppers, they bring out the flavor. Make it colourful by adding avocados, tomatoes, and onions.

4. Summer Corn Salad

Ditch the boring corn salad and try this summer corn salad. Instead of just boiling your corns, roast them. Add any spices of your choice, and don’t feel shy to pour lots of lemon juice as it goes really well with corn. Along with that, you can add roasted potatoes, roasted tofu, lettuce, spinach, and some pomegranate seeds. This recipe is going to be your dearest.

You can add anything to your salad. That’s the beauty of it. But to make it even more extraordinary, go with different dressings. Again, you can use anything and everything. You can make dressings with peas, tofu, mustard, sauces, or anything that you like. Drizzle them on top on your salads and see how it completely transforms.

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